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What To Do When You Overdo It


What to Do When You Overdo It

Are Easter chocolate temptations around the corner?  Are you preparing to try and resist temptation at Christmas? Do you always feel guilty after ‘overdoing it’ when you eat out?

Here are some simple tricks to avoid feeling ‘bad’ after overindulging.

Everybody overeats at times; that’s normal. The difference is that for some, an episode of overeating sets off a chain reaction: “I already blew it; I might as well keep eating and restart my diet tomorrow.

Increasing awareness around your overeating can change a potentially negative experience into a learning opportunity.

Notice how you feel. Sit for a while and become aware of your body. Focus on the sensations so you’ll remember them the next time you’re tempted to overeat. You may be less likely to repeat the mistake if you remind yourself how it feels to overeat (kind of takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it!).

Don’t beat yourself up.  Overeating doesn’t mean you were “bad.” It’s only a choice you made at that time – not ‘who’ you are.

Turn your ‘mistake’ into a learning experience. Ask yourself, “Why did it happen?” and “What could I do differently next time?”

“It was a special occasion.”  You don’t need an excuse to have a wonderful meal – have a treat meal a week, where you indulge in delicious, gorgeous food.

When you get hungry again, notice what you feel like eating. As you become more mindful, you may naturally seek balance, fresh food and moderation.

Finally, don’t use exercise to punish yourself for overeating. Just be consistently active and enjoy moving more.


Happy, Healthy Eating!


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