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The Myth of The Balanced Diet

The Myth of The Balanced Diet

You hear it every day: eat your daily 5 servings of vegetables and fruits! Eat less carbohydrates! Eat more protein! Eat less animal protein! It’s a wonder we actually find ANYTHING to eat in all that confusion of conflicting opinions and ‘research’!

My advice?

Firstly, don’t rely on ‘official’ measures of what’s healthy what’s not – like the 5 a day or R.D.A (recommended daily allowance of nutrients).   These are based on dated, erroneous inaccurate data that goes as far back as 80 years.  RDA levels (and dosage recommendations) in fact assume you are already healthy and just need a little top-up from your high-quality unadulterated diet.

Is your diet high-quality and unadulterated? Because mine certainly isn’t.  Despite all the knowledge, money and effort I throw at it.

So why do we need far more than 5 a day and a little top-up of nutrients – even with an optimal diet?

Partly because of the lethal cocktail of toxins in our environment (air, water, food) that have accumulated for the past 100 years.  But we also have to withstand other challenges such as transportation, storage and processing of foods, chronic stress – (or rather our diminished ability to deal with it), over-medication and lack of movement.

These all contribute to struggling immunity, unhealthy gut microbiome and toxic bodies and minds.


I wouldn’t be doing a good job if I didn’t encourage you to do your best to increase your intake of organic, fresh, fruit, vegetables and nutrient-rich unprocessed foods…to about 25 or 30 DAILY servings.

Yes, you read that right.  And it’s obviously pretty much impossible.

This is why so many therapists like myself use a plethora of high-quality supplements, as we’ve known for a long time that food no longer provides ALL the nutrients we require for optimal health – however amazing our ‘diet’.

It’s also useful to carry out a test to determine whether or not you do need supplements at all and if you do, which ones and in what dosages?

The ‘missing link’, however, is the fact that without a healthy gut, you won’t absorb sufficient amounts of nutrients (from food or supplements) and will most definitely be “..wasting your money on vitamin and mineral supplements” (John. Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2019).

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