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The Dark Side Of Adaptability


We always hear that humans have always survived by being adaptable.

We adapt to micro and macro external environments, events, people, etc.

Our bodies also adapt to internal and external environments.

They constantly thrive to achieve balance (homeostasis).

In my view, though, trouble happens when ONE ELEMENT is missing.

Then adaptability is LETHAL.

When SELF-AWARENESS is gone, when we don’t realise that our actions and habits are harmful, we can no longer survive.

We take action on automatic pilot

We mindlessly eat, drink, work, exercise, entertain ourselves.

We stop paying attention to the ‘signs’ > we go into the danger zone.

Because our bodies may well have gone beyond adaptability and into over-drive.

That’s when balance is no longer achievable and dis-ease appears.

Or worse.

This is why a crucial part of what I work on with my clients is mindfulness.

AKA the art of ‘going inwards’ and reconnecting with yourself.

Reconnect with ‘aware’ breathing, eating, drinking, moving….being.

Become aware of the hamster wheel, the mindless eating, drinking, media consumption, over-exercising, over-working etc.

Reconnect with your gut intuition, listen to what your body is pointing to.

What you need, what’s been neglected, what must be addressed urgently.

With self-awareness, you understand the messages and take instinctive action when and where needed.

And when you do that, you’re back in charge.

You can adapt fully and properly again.

My number 1 tip for triggering awareness? Do this short 1-min breathing exercise.

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