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The Big Bloat (part deux)

The BIG bloat…(part deux)

Once you’ve read my article ‘The Big Bloat’, which highlights some of the most common causes of bloating I encounter in my work every day, you might have gained some clarity around your own issues.

Keeping in mind that there might be other causes that could be relevant to your bloat – and do check with your GP if it persists – here are some practical actions to help you achieve a flatter, healthier belly:

Is your bloat likely due to:

  • Slow digestion/constipation/gas?

>> Drink at least 2L of water daily, sipped slowly all day but away from food, as much as you can.  Hot drinks don’t count, sorry!

>> Daily fiber: in leafy vegetables, fruit, wholegrain, pulses

>> No daily #2? Raw fruits and vegetables are best.

>> Lubricate with good fats: avocado, coconut, ghee, quality butter, unheated oils.

>> Increase magnesium-rich foods: leafy greens, pulses, nuts, seeds, quinoa, wholegrain, seaweeds, sea-salt.

  • Bacterial imbalance/candida?

>> Eat pro-and pre-biotic rich foods such as lacto-fermented vegetables (with caution if yeast is a problem), full-fat organic yogurt, miso, kombucha etc

>> Avoid sugar, alcohol: give your good bugs a chance to proliferate and repair.

  • Intolerances/instant bloat after certain foods?

>> Eliminate gluten and/or dairy and/or sugar strictly for 6-8 weeks, then re-introduce one by one and really monitor how each feels.

>> Avoid ‘gums’, pectins, starches added to gluten-free foods.

  • For all bloat sufferers: these tips might make ALL the difference:

>> Eat mindfully: slow down your meals, chew each mouthful 20 times and take 20 minutes per meal.

>> keep a food diary – Listen to your body during and after foods.  You KNOW what doesn’t really work for you.

> Belly breathe: practice deep belly breathing before and while you eat to hugely enhance your digestive ability and provide oxygen to the vital bacteria.

Read this page  to find out how I work with clients to help them restore balance so that they can really love their bodies and food again, as well as going out, wearing shapely clothes and living their lives fully.

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