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The Best Kept Weight-Loss secret


Water: Your Best Weight-Loss Partner

Yes, you read right: good old plain water is your best friend (or should be) if you’re trying to lose weight. Our brain is about 85% water and being the only part of our bodies to be constantly active, it requires vast quantities of energy to function. It derives that energy from food and water, so making sure you supply energy to your brain in the form of water will keep you from overeating. This translates into this BIG weight-loss tip: when you think you’re hungry, sip a large glass of water as you’re more likely to be thirsty. Aim for about 4-5 pints a day sipped slowly (never gulp down more than 2 pints an hour), but only in the form of room-temperature water. Hot drinks being diuretic and caffeinated drinks hunger-boosting, they will only aggravate your dehydration and weight gain, so stick to pure water.

Sodas, diet/sugar-free drinks, juices, squash should all disappear from your shopping trolley as well as they will spike your blood sugar and result in energy ‘crashes’ that will make you reach for yet more sugar.

In addition to water, increase your consumption of good fats and omega oils by eating more oily fish, eggs, nuts and seeds and lots of green leafy vegetables, butter (if not dairy intolerant), goose and duck fat in roasts and non-lean meats. These great fats will help to re-hydrate and re-energise your brain (and body) cells and make you feel fuller for longer and..happier!   Try it for a few weeks. What have you got to lose?..



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