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From Pascale: “I have just finished my 10-week programme with Nathalie, and all I can say is WOW!

I can say, without being afraid of being a cliché, that it completely and totally changed my life.

 I went to seek help from Nathalie not because I had a gut issue, but because for the past 60 years of my life, I couldn’t stay slim after having lost weight. I HAD TO put it back on again. It was simply self-sabotage but I didn’t know why. And thus yo-yoing with unsuitable “diets”. One after the other. Once I had established I was done with “diets”, and understanding that I needed more balance with eating, without frustration or deprivation, I contacted Nathalie.

It has been a whirlwind ever since. I realised that I had to listen to my body..and the main thing for me, is that I didn’t feel deprived. As for my sweet tooth, it is now a thing of the past, to the greatest amazement of my family and close friends, and mine of course!

 I am secure in the knowledge that I am equipped now for life for any situation or challenge that arises food wise, and I am now able to face it calmly and make the right choices. The huge difference is that now I make the right food choices, not because I am “being good” while feeling deprived and feeling I am missing out, but because it now makes sense to make the right choice. And the good thing is that if I want to treat myself, of course I can, and I am,!. 

Nathalie also encouraged me to “move” in a way that really correspond to what I like, like dancing. I really enjoy my dancing sessions, and I walk also, which helps greatly. I would recommend Nathalie to help in any gut-related issue or weight-related issue. I found her to be so knowledgeable about all things nutrition, and how the body works and responds.

Nathalie was always responsive when I sent her messages, so helpful and full of no-non-sense. She had an answer to each and every one of my questions. She was very encouraging, incredibly supportive, very professional, and very very good at what she does.

Thank you so much Nathalie from the bottom of my heart, because all you taught me is invaluable and is going to stay with me for life. I have started losing weight and I will continue to do so until I reach my goal weight. Thank you so much.” Pascale.X

Elwen (age 9) has suffered from regular stomach pains for 5 years since her ruptured appendix at the age of 2.
We finally had a diagnosis in 2020 of Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, but in September last year, her stomach aches and vomiting got really severe and the tummy aches were apparent most days, sickness every few weeks.
The specialist prescribed anti-histamine along with acid reflux medication and I felt this was masking what was going on for my daughter and if anything, making her feel worse.
It’s then, that I decided I needed to go down an alternative route, believing food to be the most likely cause and this is when I got in touch with Nathalie.
Although Elwen had always had quite a healthy diet, it seemed she was suffering from a leaky gut and possible Candida that had taken over her body, probably as a result of all the antibiotics she had to take after her appendix was removed.
The advice was to strip everything back to very simple foods especially as at this point, Elwen seemed to be intolerant to most foods.
We saw a transformation within a few days and after 3 months of a diet avoiding yeast and sugar and taking probiotics and zinc, she was like a different child. So much more energy, less congestion, no mucous, sickness or tummy aches. Oh, and she got colour back in her face having been so pale and grey for 6 months.
We are now slowly reintroducing some foods like eggs and so far, all good and this diagnosis of CVS seems to have gone away.
The transformation has been huge. We owe so much to Nathalie for all her amazing advice throughout this difficult time. She was so responsive to messages through what felt such a difficult journey and we had some really informative chats over Zoom. I can’t recommend her enough.
Tonwen Jones, Seaford
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“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s 5 months ago. 4 months after seeing Natalie and completely changing the way I eat and learning ways to deal with stress.

I have today been told there is no inflammation/ Crohn’s showing in my body!!!

So happy!!!!!! Thank you Natalie”

Lauren Tarry, Lancing


“When I first contacted Nathalie I was not in a good place. My gut/bowel problems were totally out of control. Trying to self medicate had reduced me to a very dangerous beige low fibre diet. I was in a pretty desperate state. After signing up for the 90 day program Nathalie completely changed my diet. I was eating food that not even under normal circumstances I would have considered but the results were amazing. Sure there were some set backs but trial and error are all part of the journey.

Now life is good again, following Nathalie’s guidance proved to be my saving grace. I cannot recommend her enough. From the very start I felt listened to, understood and encouraged. Her holistic approach really resonated with me. Totally amazing.”

Sandra Hanscombe, Eastbourne


“I first came to Nathalie 2 years ago to tackle 15 years of chronic constipation. Although I was apprehensive at first at the thought of having to change my lifestyle and how strict it might be, all the advice and new diet choices were easy to implement. Nathalie doesn’t overwhelm you with a million changes to make at once. She keeps it simple and bespoke. The changes were gradual and I really benefited from the follow-up sessions. It is worth every penny.

I am now free of all the unhealthy solutions I used to take to ease constipation and I am equipped with food and health knowledge that I can apply wherever I go away too. For the few diet choices you let go of, a whole new world of delicious ingredients and recipes open up.  A lovely perk is also how your close ones get inspired by your new lifestyle and make changes themselves.”

Marie Talio


“I highly recommend Nathalie at Gut Loving Life! I have recently completed her 12 week nutrition and health programme and feel completely transformed! I’ve changed a lot of my eating habits for the better including having breakfast for the first time in my life! For years I’ve suffered from IBS, stomach pains and bloating but now no more!

Nathalie has an holistic approach and has helped me not just transform my eating habits but also has helped me make important life changes and I now feel more in control of my life and gut than ever before!”

Sonia Martin, UK

October 2019

“I first contacted Nathalie to find out about possible food intolerances, but happily discovered she offered so much more. Her 90 day course has been life-changing and I’ll no doubt reap the benefits for the rest of my life.

Not only did Nathalie help me resolve years of miserable bowel issues and encourage me to embrace (and enjoy!) a whole new way of eating, but she also helped me to realise my potential in other areas of my life. I cannot recommend Nathalie/Gut Loving Life highly enough.” 

Lesley Dickson, UK

October 2019

“When I first met Nathalie I immediately felt that she was the right person, someone that could fully understand what was happening to my gut. She gave me the power and confidence to start this new process in my life, that has had a massive change in me. I can finally, after feeling really sick for two years, understand the needs of my body, what works and does not work for me. She helped me understand what are the best ways to keep myself positive and never stop trying. Thanks to her I now see food and my health habits under a positive and relaxed atmosphere.

I really feel so lucky to have finally meet her and that she has helped me through this period of my life, bringing me a lot of strength and my energy back. :):)”

Carla Lasagna, Brighton UK (and Italy)

November 2019

“I have suffered from ibs for over 10 years. It was kind of manageable, till a few months ago, when it got too much to handle.

On top of that, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism two years ago and, in order to treat it, doctors started giving me high doses of hormones, which kept on increasing. Needless to say, it did more harm than good. These two conditions were taking over my life, my stress level was very high and, not matter what I ate, I was constantly bloated and tired. 

After multiple unsuccessful doctors appointments, I decided to start working with Nathalie. I couldn’t have made a better choice. 

Working with her has been not only an eye opening experience but also a mind opening one. She has broadened my views on food, helped me gain more confidence and taught me how to manage my stress. 

I thought that my problems were only caused by wrong food choices, but she made me realize that food is only one of the factors. She helped me improve my lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier of the results. I am no longer bloated, tired or overstressed. I feel better and more confident about myself. 
I couldn’t recommend Nathalie enough. She is such a lovely and empowering woman. She puts so much effort into every session, genuinely listens to your problems and concerns, plus her recipes are delicious!!
Merci beaucoup, Nathalie, tu es merveilleuse!

Laura Morbini, Brighton

May 2019

“I went to Nathalie 3 weeks ago with severe IBS symptoms that I had been suffering with for years. Nathalie put together a plan for me, prescribed me some natural supplements to help heal my gut. After 3 weeks I’ve had no severe bloating or attacks of IBS, I’ve even tried a bit of cheese, which I thought I couldn’t eat before.

I’ve started meditation the past week (which was suggested by Nathalie to help with stress) and I find myself a whole lot calmer already. My clothes are fitting better too!  I owe it all to her and look forward to my next session with her.”

Johanna Hargreaves, Hove

May 2019

“At my first appointment with Nathalie I barely had the energy to get dressed. I was walking around in a daze. To be honest I felt dreadful the first few weeks of the program but Nathalie was always on hand to help me stay focussed on the end goal- a happier, healthier me.

At my final appointment, having doubled the amount I was eating, I was 1/2 dress sizes smaller, my swollen gut was gone and I had a ton of energy. I would recommend her program to anyone with gut issues.”

Jen Colwell, Hove

July 2018

“I was recommended Nathalie by a friend and after seeing many other professionals and specialists, Nathalie managed to reduce my symptoms and bring everything back to basics. This, in conjunction with coming off medication allowed me to start the healing process and get back to the gut I once had. Very informative too!” 

Boris Tsyko, Brighton


“I suffered with really painful tummy aches, acid reflux and severe bloating for many years and was told by doctors it was IBS and something I would likely live with. I decided to try Nathalie’s program to see if there was anything I could do  which may help and Nathalie was recommended by a friend – the best recommendation ever, and literally life changing! I do not have IBS and by following the advice, I have spent the past 3 months pain free – no tummy aches and no bloating.

I have lost weight, feel so much better in myself and my diet has never been better! I have recommended Nathalie to many people since and will continue to recommend her to everyone. Thank you Nathalie xx” 

Gemma Burfield, Littlehamptom, UK


I suffer from IBS and got sick of having a bad stomach, cramps, feeling lethargic and not knowing what I could eat. Nathalie offered so much support and more. I’m now much more educated about what’s good for me and the impact of the foods which I loved which really weren’t good for me.

Nathalie helped me to gain the confidence to cook and assisted me with an online cooking class to help bake bread, something I never thought I’d do! At the end of the 8 weeks the bloating and cramps have gone. I do still have a way to go before my gut is 100% but Im confident that it’ll get there. Merci beaucoup!”

Natalie Brown, UK


“I went to Nathalie after suffering with painful and relentless digestive problems for over two years which were set off by a serious episode of food poisoning. Nathalie’s programme helped me to ‘calm down’ my digestive system first which had been inflamed for so long, and to identify my food intolerances. The programme helped me to gradually heal by eliminating inflammatory food groups, and to make sustainable changes to get better.

What I noticed first was how energetic I started to feel a few days after starting the programme, the before& after difference was astonishing. Nathalie was also great in giving me advice on how to look after my gut long term, and helped me learn a lot about vitamins & supplements that suit me and my family. I cannot recommend Nathalie highly enough!”

Bettina Ingram, UK


“I never really worried about the food I ate until very recently. But I have spent over a year suffering from stomach cramps, dizziness, nausea, diarrhoea and physical exhaustion, and all the low feelings that go along with that. Earlier this year I discovered that I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and that all of my problems stem from poor absorbtion of certain foods. A friend suggested that I talk to Nathalie to help get more nutrition out of the food I do eat. I’m so glad I did, because within weeks, my energy levels are up and I look and feel healthier. Even my skin has improved.

I finally feel that I am in control of my health, rather than my illness controlling me. I am mostly pain free and feel physically and mentally stronger than I have done for months. I have stopped losing weight and am enjoying introducing new foods into my diet. Many of the changes are subtle and simple but the impact is big. My husband now eats the same things as I do and he has also seen a boost to his energy levels and fitness.” 

Katie, Hove


“Nathalie gave us excellent nutritional advice, allergy testing , recipes and ideas to follow for myself and my daughter… we were both have difficulties with bloating and tiredness and generally wanted to know more about the best foods to be eating and what to avoid.
Nathalie was very informed and approachable and gave us both very good individual advice , I highly recommend her and she made our appointments easy with her friendly and warm nature and professionalism.”

Christina Jessel

June 2017

“I suffered from low energy levels and stomach problems for over a year.  I went to my GP several times and was told that I have IBS and that nothing can be done about it.  After seeing Nathalie, I started a diet to get rid of a candida infection and discovered intolerances to several foods I was consuming daily.  The following 2 months had a real impact on my life.  I have a lot more energy than before, I have lost over 5 kgs without any extra exercise or starving myself and I eat much more healthily.  Everyone with such symptoms should come and see Nathalie!”  

Ralista, Brighton

May 2017

Acid Reflux-related Testimonials:

“I decided to start Nathalie’s program after nearly 10 years suffering from acid reflux and gastric issues. The doctor’s answers had been to take some tablets and stay off coffee and orange juice, but that was about the extent of their advice. So I decided to embark on Nathalie’s programme to see if there was more to it. Needless to say she far exceeded my expectations – not only did she guide me to know what my body can/cannot digest, but she also looked at my problems in a holistic manner, digging down into my day to day living/my routine/my background/my goals etc. to find out how everything was impacting my health.

Through a series of activities which are gradually implemented over the 8 weeks, I came out feeling lighter, more energized, more content in my body than I had been for the past decade. Healthy eating/living is a learning curve that Nathalie definitely helped me build the foundation for, so thanks a million Nathalie!”

Cecilia Divett, Nice, France


“A big thank you to Nathalie for helping me deal with reflux issues. Not only was her dietary guidance excellent but I also liked the holistic way in which she works. I now see that it’s so important that every area of one’s life will affect digestion and am so happy that after 3 months of working with Nathalie that I feel that I am almost back to ‘normal’!

Anne Priborski


Sufferers of multiple conditions:

Case study

Andrea had Meniere's disease, tinnitus and frequent nausea.

“Before I embarked on the programme with Nathalie I was in the midst of a very difficult period of my life. I had been suffering for a year with frequent, unpredictable and unrelenting attacks of vertigo which rendered me unable to stand up or walk straight for hours on end and, on the worst occasions were accompanied by repeated vomiting. I had seen an ENT consultant who had confirmed I had a condition called Meniere’s for which I was told unfortunately there was no cure and there were limited treatment options which could only provide temporary and periodic management of the symptoms but without any guarantee. They offered me a steroid injection in my ear which “might” give me relief from the attacks for a year but also did carry the risk of my going deaf in that ear. I knew I couldn’t accept that treatment, I was only 46 and a normal otherwise healthy person who had prior to this condition been living a normal life. I didn’t know what to do next but knew there had to be a reason I had suddenly developed such severe symptoms and knew that I couldn’t accept this treatment option.

I had during the course of my illness done so much research on the internet (I know now which wasn’t the best course of action!) but one thing that really changed my life was finding Nathalie’s website. Immediately I felt reassured there was a way out of this and back to better health and I am glad I made the decision to start the program because I have never looked back. Nathalie’s approach is one of real understanding, compassion, encouragement and real belief in you and achieving your best health. The program really helped me to start to understand myself so much better, what works for me and my health and what doesn’t and how to incorporate “habits” and ways into my life to help me thrive and minimise stress. I looked forward to each weekly session and what I was going to discover about myself next. I found the tasks that Nathalie set both thereapeutic and liberating. There was no pressure to do anything you didn’t feel comfortable with and for the most part it was like you were being guided to help heal yourself. Just having someone go through this with you was the real gift. I finally felt I was no longer alone in dealing with my condition. Nathalie was so intuitive, whenever I had moments in the days between each appointment where I felt I was struggling or was a bit down (even though I knew I could contact Nathalie myself) she would just pop up out of nowhere on text with some inspiring guidance as if she knew you were needing her extra help!

I have achieved so much. I have gone from worrying about be able to leave the house alone and living an isolated life, having lost touch with friends and the ability to travel to now feeling able to go anywhere on my own. I love food, no longer feel trapped about what I can and can’t eat. I used to resent food and feel frightened of it but now I am excited to try new recipes and really enjoy the foods I once did again. My fear, panic and anxiety has completely gone. I feel permanently healed and have no fear of any of my attacks returning. In fact, I have not had any attacks since starting the programme and really know how to look after myself now. I can’t describe fully how Nathalie has helped me get my life back and for that I am so grateful to her. I would highly recommend anyone considering starting the program to go for it, trust the process and reap the benefits.”

Andrea, London

March 2020

“I am confident to say that If you have any kind of problem in your life, please know that Nathalie is able to help you get through it as she did with me.
Nathalie came into my life just at the right moment.
I was looking for help. I was exhausted, bloated, overweight, couldn’t sleep even for a couple of hours without waking up a few times, my energy levels were very low, fatigue, pain, inflammation and acid reflux were big problems too and I was angry and hungry all the time.
I thought I would start looking for help to lose weight and eat well and then investigate the other issues after, but I was so surprised about what Nathalie could offer me.
A whole package in 12 weeks of real help, she gave me a plan I was able to follow very easily, (lasting even now, after almost 3 months, in this hard time of a pandemic I feel I have all the notions to help myself stay on track mentally and physically). She helped me go through it, helping every time I was stuck, stressed or overwhelmed.
My relationship with food is different, I can finally enjoy it. I feel free of the prison of looking out for calories, or fats etc. I feel I know what is good for my body now, and I am aware when something is not.
I enjoyed my personalised plan so much and I have a very different relationship with myself now.
My pain has improved so much and I don’t need to take all those medications anymore, I learned what sleeping means (I can now stay asleep all night long), I’ve lost weight, the acid reflux is gone, my skin looks better.
Nathalie gave me the tools to become a better version of myself and I am so grateful for it. There were some things I knew for years I needed to change but was not able to because I didn’t have the right tools that Nathalie kindly offered to me.
What is very important to me is that I immediately felt understood and listened to and there was no judgment from her side. This allowed me to open up and look into my issues from the right point of view.
Some things really looked impossible to achieve, but here I am 6 months after we started our journey and couldn’t have been happier about choosing Nathalie and her program.
Wonderful journey and outcome.
Thank you, Nathalie, for being who you are and for making me feel so good and proud about myself!

Clelia Vinci, Brighton


I came to see Nathalie at a very low point regarding my health and attitude of mind regarding my body.  I was suffering from an autoimmune condition, one of the symptoms being fatigue, also a leaky gut, sibo, osteo arthritis and numerous food intolerances.

Nathalie’s guidance, care, kindness not to mention her wealth of knowledge, skills and excellent intuition, far exceeded any expectations that I had and have transformed my life for the better.

I now sleep better than I ever have, my osteo arthritis has completely disappeared, my energy levels are so much better and I have an awareness of the foods that serve me well and those that do not.

Nathalie’s teachings explained everything in a way that enabled my relationship with my body to grow and flourish.  I now care for my body because I want to, not because I have to.

Her programme, her patience and wisdom has enabled me now to have the pleasure of enjoying a more relaxed, creative, confident and fulfilling life.”

Teri, Brighton UK

June 2019

“I went to Nathalie after a summer of mysterious food allergies that were leaving me feeling lethargic and all around awful. What began as simply diagnosing what foods were causing me trouble, quickly turned into over three months of mentorship that I couldn’t be more grateful for. What Nathalie offers is about far more than just food. Sessions with her slowly but surely forced me to address my relationship with myself, the world, and to reassess my future goals.

I feel more vibrant, more alive, and more happy than I have been at any point before her program. A chance to work with Nathalie is a chance to get to know yourself better than you ever have before. It’s a chance to work through complicated relationships with food, and to reclaim eating as pure enjoyment! Forever grateful for her many lessons.”

Lorna Taylor, Boston USA

January 2019

“I signed up for the Total Body Transformation program with Nathalie after hitting rock bottom (again) with my Thyroid. I’d been doing a lot of running, was obsessed with eating healthily and was left feeling, low, stressed out and absolutely exhausted. I’m only halfway through the course and I’m absolutely amazed at how different I feel.

I feel like I’m getting back to my old happy, healthy self before my life was consumed by my ‘condition’. Nathalie has been an inspiration to work with. I feel that she has this amazing ability to understands what I need. The sessions are really enjoyable, positive and the whole process has felt so easy. I wish I’d done this years ago.”  

Jo Conlon, Brighton


“I just completed the 90 Day Transformation Program and excited to say that I have gotten off my allergy shots, acid reflux medications AND I have lost 20 pounds!  

As a yoga teacher and reiki II practitioner, I thought I had a solid foundation – but this program has taught me so much more about mind, body & spirit. I am grateful for each week of discovery about myself on this journey.  

I highly recommend this program to anyone that would like a re-set for a healthy, happy lifestyle change!”

Stephanie Churchfield Stanley, USA


“I contacted Nathalie earlier in the year as I was having a real problem with excess mucus – which seriously affected my senses of taste and smell, even leading to a total loss of those senses at times. Nathalie helped me to identify my food intolerances and provided dietary advice which has led to a full recovery of taste and smell – as well as a significant reduction of mucus production and a general sense of wellbeing. Consequently, I have much to thank Nathalie for.”

Malcolm, Hove

July 2017

“I just wanted to let you know that it’s all going well and so far I have been completely Migraine free! – when I saw you I was taking between 1 and 3 Imigran tablets a day, I haven’t taken any for the last 2 weeks now and only have 2 tablets in my possession, before seeing you having less than 6 would worry me!  So thank you! – this has made a real difference, I’m so grateful.”  

Adrian Brandish, Brighton

November 2016

Body confidence, weight loss and healthy 're-boot':

Kate came to me in 2019 wanting to make some deep changes to her diet, she wanted to lose some weight, change the way she felt about her body, get fitter, healthier and happier with herself.  These ‘issues’ were really affecting her in many ways and here’s her 10 minute video testimonial. 

“A belated but heartfelt thanks to Nathalie for her support over our sessions some months ago now. What I thought was going to be just nutritional advice turned into so much more – I think I unloaded my whole life’s issues on Nathalie which didn’t seem to phase her at all! She was just the right level of being a good listener, while also pushing me to achieve as much as she knew I was capable of.

Whatever your issues I defy anyone to come away from sessions with Nathalie without having learnt something very valuable – so much more than just nutritional support! Thanks and I’m sure we’ll meet again” 


Helen Perris


“Nathalie has made a real difference to me, not just what and how I eat but also on the way I think about myself and my body. Her holistic approach across the months we worked together had a deeper impact than I expected. I am very pleased with the result. Nathalie’s firm but kind style meant I was able to celebrate the small wins even on the weeks when I felt like I wasn’t achieving my goals.

I would certainly recommend Nathalie if you’re unhappy with yourself and body and need to redress the balance. thank you Nathalie!” 

Chloe Martin, Brighton

May 2019

“I was recommended Nathalie by my daughter after seeing her transformation. I had suffered for many years with various digestive issues including bloating, fatigue, headaches, sinus problems etc. I was also stuck in a rut with my diet habits.
After just one session with Nathalie, I started to notice the difference in my health and after several sessions, I felt completely transformed. Nathalie has helped me to change my outlook on food and life. I feel more positive and confident about myself and have learnt to deal with any stresses that come my way. The weight loss was a bonus too!

I would highly recommend Nathalie as she has throughly helped me when I thought there was no hope after trying many different diet fads. Thank you so much Nathalie!”

Tanya Seggie, UK

January 2019

“Nathalie is a fantastic coach, it’s very easy to talk to her and from my experience she has given me lots of advice, facts, coaching to help me through my 90-Day program.

Nathalie gives you achievable targets and all by doing small changes to your every day life! I totally recommend her and you’ll see after 90 days you will be a totally changed person!”  

Nelly Cole, Paris, France


I went to see Nathalie because I’d reached such a low point in my life. I felt awful. I had no energy, I was exhausted all the time no matter what I ate, and I hadn’t been able to get to sleep without listening to TV shows in over ten years. I felt stressed and turned to food to try and find a serotonin boost, eating a solid diet of beige carbs and chocolate. Worst of all, I was stuck in a cycle of self criticism and felt completely lost. I can safely say I barely recognise that person anymore!

Nathalie has been incredible. She has given me so many tools to help me make sustainable changes that will last a life time. For the first time in my life I feel comfortable in my own skin. I am kind and loving to myself and I have so much to be grateful for. Thank you Nathalie for pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me reach my goals.”

Sophie Lemberger, UK


“I can’t believe the change in my health, eating habits and lifestyle since meeting Nathalie. Her vast knowledge and unwavering support gives you the foundation to make healthy changes in your diet…the rest is up to you!” 

Tracy Pedro, Brighton & South Africa


“I can’t recommend Nathalie enough – if you are the kind of person that starts off with good intentions but find that you don’t follow-through, then these coaching sessions are for you.  They have certainly helped me reach a level of self care that has left me buzzing with energy and excited about my life. My weekly sessions with Nathalie are always very positive and encouraging I really look forward to each one.

The tools and exercises provided through the coaching have helped me change my actions and my thinking. For the first time ever I am actually sticking to what I am doing and can see that the changes are for the long-term. The pace is exactly right for me and I feel like I’m progressing and making positive changes every week, I don’t think I have had a session where I haven’t had a ‘lightbulb moment’.”

Isabel Del Arbol Stewart, London


“I started my 90 day programme with Nathalie at a time when I felt very low, confused and emotional. Since then I’ve been given some amazing tools and techniques to make small achievable changes and bring joy and direction back into my life. Every session has been enlightening and has left me feeling hopeful, positive and strong.

I’m now looking forward to a fitter, happier future. Thank you Nathalie… you are inspirational.”

Jo Powis, Cornwall


“Trying to live healthier I’ve long been overwhelmed by all the information out there on what I should eat. This program has helped me discover what works best for me and to how to integrate healthy eating into my busy life. Taking care of myself and nourishing my body with only the best quality foods has now become a habit like brushing my teeth.”

Johanna Martinez

April 2017

“I thought I already knew quite a bit about nutrition when I went to see Nathalie but I can honestly say that the cost of the very comprehensive program was money extremely well spent. Nathalie takes a holistic approach in her work and recommendations considering my past medical history as well as where I am at now and my current personal goals. I learned a lot! for example that I was dehydrated, not eating enough vegetables, protein and essential fats and having too much fructose.  She recommended some quick and easy changes I could make along with advice on appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements, which I have incorporated into my eating and lifestyle plan.

I thoroughly recommend Nathalie to anyone wanting to improve their nutrition, make healthier choices and live a better life.” 

Linda, Burgess Hill


“Nathalie has given me so much, beyond expectation.  Clear, understandable, up to date information on nutrition and food.  For me, a burnt-out food lover with no confidence in food planning I have gone from 1 in confidence and know-how to 10.  Nathalie to me is the expert to turn to.  I come from a large medical/surgeons family.  Nathalie’s craft is the preventative and rehabilitation work needed to improve the individual.  I am truly touched and impressed by Nathalie genuinely caring about her clients.”

Ms L Hanks, London


Children's Health:

“Nathalie is special to me because she told me what to eat and things that I cannot have for 8 weeks” (Created at school, by Isabella, 5 years old). Nathalie Sansonetti, your nutritional programme has transformed Isabella’s health and we cannot thank you enough.

I am now equipped with so much knowledge for the future.  10 weeks on Isabella is looking and feeling so healthy and happy. She is on absolute top form. Your advice and support have been truly wonderful. Thank you xx”

Ann Henry, Hove

February 2018

“I went to see Nathalie with my son as he was really struggling with his eczema, countless trips to our GP didn’t provide any solutions, so we thought we’d look at his diet. I’m so pleased that after two weeks after his first consultation with Nathalie his eczema has totally cleared up, he is calmer and his concentration is much improved.

I would definitely recommend Nathalie, she has been so helpful, given us lots of advice and recipes all tailored to kids. We are so pleased to finally be eczema free!”

Sarah Short

August 2017

Guests at Detox Yoga Retreats (led and catered by Nathalie)

“The detox retreat with Nathalie is fantastic. I have done two now & find the balance between nutrition, relaxation and yoga very therapeutic. It is a superb way to rejuvenate and take time out.”


“Nathalie has an inspiring charm and empathy and for that reason I will continue to follow her & join her wonderful retreats”


“I had an amazing time, total relaxation, great yoga, amazing food. Very relaxed and comfortable retreat with Nathalie & Team. Cannot wait to return! Thank you so much – your support is really appreciated.”


“Fab food – lots of tips! lovely lady 🙂


“Amazing, refreshing and energising food.  Enjoyed all the tips and recipes.  Looking forward to creating my own. Thank you!”

Olivia, London

“Amazing food with an amazing person.  Truly inspirational!!”

Amrit, London

Sports Nutrition:

“I was training to run my first marathon and was really struggling with it until I consulted Nathalie. The advice which she gave me really helped and I avoided hitting the wall which was my biggest concern.” 

Andrew Holt, Hove


I went to see Nathalie when I was training for the Brighton marathon and heard she was giving a nutrition talk on marathon training.  During the two hours we learnt about hydration levels, and protein and carbohydrate energy and what foods to get them from.  I learnt so much, especially about how important hydration levels are.  It meant that I could prepare for my long runs knowing I wouldn’t  ‘hit the wall’ as I had previously.  Nathalie provided follow up support during the training and post race too. 

Thanks to Nathalie I was able to plan a sensible diet I easily followed in the weeks leading up to the race.  And I ran a pretty good time too!” 

Jane, Hove


“I decided to run the Brighton Marathon and attended Nathalie’s nutrition talk in order to gain some advice to help with my training. In two hours I learnt a huge amount and I was left inspired to follow the advice given to me. Additionally the hand out which Nathalie gave us after the talk contained all the information I needed to keep myself fuelled & hydrated in weeks leading up to and on the day of the race. I’m sure without the advice & information I would have struggled to achieve my goals on the race day.” 

Joe, Brighton


“I was running my first marathon and Nathalie’s advice was very helpful especially with regards to what to eat and drink, and when. I found out a lot of useful things I didn’t know and it was all a great deal of help to me. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.” 

Rob, Brighton

Adding natural food to my diet helped me run 10 minutes faster in my third marathon’
“I first met Nathalie when I was training for my third marathon. I went for an 18-mile run and hit ‘the wall’. I decided that I needed some proper nutritional advice as my body literally couldn’t perform to the level I’d wanted it to. I went to see her and after the first session I was given some very easy to implement advice. Natalie explained in a clear and simple way how nutrition worked in relation to the type of sports training I was doing. She gave me lots of easy-to-make recipes, and advice about what natural food to add to my diet and the best times to eat to maximise energy for a run.
When I ran the marathon I managed to shave over 10 minutes off my time without the need for any of the sugary drinks and chemical-laden energy drinks that I had previously used. I actually felt good after that marathon rather than ready to collapse and I put that down in part to the nutritional overhaul I’d had.”  

Matthew Keenan, Hove

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