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Sugar – To Eat or Not To Eat?


You may have heard about the new ‘Action on Sugar’ campaign led by Liverpool University Professor Simon Capewell? Their aim to reduce the sugar content of all manufactured goods by 30% is based on facts – not fad: over-consumption of refined sugar is a major contributing factor to obesity, weakened immunity, gut problems, candida, and has been linked to the onset of diabetes, some cancers and other serious diseases. Some research also links refined sugar to depression, mood alterations, ADHD, schizophrenia..

So how do you avoid sugar? Well, first of all, reduce your intake gradually as you may suffer from similar withdrawal symptoms as when trying to quit smoking (!). Include a little more protein in your diet, especially for breakfast (eggs, nuts, pulses), eat little and often to avoid blood sugar fluctuations and cravings and replace ‘white goods’ (white bread, pasta, rice) with whole grains that release ‘good’ sugars slowly. Artificial sweeteners will wreak havoc on your health so stay away from them. If need be, use a little raw honey, or some stevia.  Read this 10-day sugar ‘detox’.

When you think that sugar was kept under lock and key in the 1300s in Indonesia because it was qualified as a drug and that French businessmen who imported it in the 1800s called it ‘crack’ it does make you wonder why it was ever made part of our diets!


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