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Slim At All Costs?

Slim At All Costs?

I recently joined a group of ‘dieters’ on FB to investigate what goes on in ‘slimming’ groups.

The reason behind it is that a lot of my clients (with gut issues – some extreme), have been in these groups for a while.

Many have been in and out of these for YEARS.

What I found out from my ‘secret’ mission is DISTURBING.

In a world where information is at everyone’s fingertips, where (I thought) people are more aware of what’s healthy what’s not,

I realised that many still think that slim is AUTOMATICALLY healthy.


I have worked with many very slim people who were actually in NUTRITIONAL DISTRESS.

✅. They had depleted their bodies for years through diets.

✅. They had eaten things for years that messed their guts so much that some had to wear NAPPIES at age 40 (not for weeing ‘accidents’ either).

For many it was a case of being slim ‘by all means necessary’ – at the expense of long-term health.

The one point in common with all these (mostly) women I help? They all regret it.

They wished they’d known that they needed to respect and listen to their bodies and give them what they need to be healthy and functioning IN BALANCE.

Instead, they ignored the signs and forced deprivation and dieting on their poor bodies and minds.

I say to them over and over again:

🔆 When your body is in balance and in health: YOU WILL DROP THE EXTRA WEIGHT.

🔆 When your gut and elimination routes work well: YOU WILL DROP THE EXTRA WEIGHT.

🔆 When you start absorbing and utilising nutrients better: YOU WILL DROP THE EXTRA WEIGHT.

So please, for the love of your bodies (and minds!) – stop ignoring the signs, get REAL information (not from diet ‘people’ who form part of this $72 billion industry), and get help.

Most people on my programmes lose weight (when they need to) – despite weight loss not being a focus of the programmes.

They NEVER count calories, starve, feel deprived or DIET.

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