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Sleep…The Best Wellness Tool In Your Kit


Sleep…the best wellness tool in your kit


About 30-40% of us are finding it difficult to sleep. Having recently given up alcohol in order to improve my sleep, I have had the most restorative nights of the last decade. And this is from having the occasional one or two glasses of wine a few times a week. But giving up alcohol isn’t the only thing you can do to improve your sleep. Here’s a little routine you can easily set up that will really make a huge difference:

  • Eat dinner as early as you can – ideally light foods, such as low animal protein and soups or vegetables. Remember food = energy so don’t ask your body to go to sleep after a big plate of spaghetti Bolognese!
  • Sleep naked! This helps your body to regulate its own ideal temperature and prevents you from waking hot and bothered.
  • Turn off electronic devices and keep them away from your bedroom – including and especially your phone. Get a battery-powered alarm clock if need be.
  • Set up a calm, peaceful environment in your bedroom. De-clutter, keep the light soft and temperature slightly cooler. This is your haven of peace so cherish it.
  • Wind down – set at least 30 minutes to relax, away from screens, before you switch off the lights. Write a daily journal, list 5 things you’re grateful for, meditate, listen to soft music, read, have a candle-lit lavender oil bath, make love and enjoy the peace.

WARNING! Side effects: You will cope better with daily stresses, have fewer food cravings and be able to better manage your weight, you will rely less on energy quick fixes such as coffees/teas, comfort foods, carbs, sugar, etc, it will improve your mood, add a glow to your skin, help you regain confidence…and many more 🙂


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