Personalised Retreats 2024

Personalised, tailored retreats available throughout the year – giving you the best opportunity to get on track with all your health goals for the year.

Why are these (detox) retreats so special?

  • Be looked after by an experienced Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach, French cook and Retreat Leader.
  • Small groups (2-3 maximum) with plenty of one-to-one attention and care.
  • You choose who you want to invite (no annoying participants to put up with)
  • You pick what intensity of detox you want to do – from 2-day juice fasts to milder (easier) delicious vegan food detoxes.
  • You decide how much or little you want to do during the retreat. This isn’t a boot camp!
  • I will design your programme based on a pre-retreat consultation (for you and your guests) to ensure safety and full enjoyment!
  • Plenty of nurturing, detoxing, relaxing and energising ‘activities’ to choose from: yoga, qi gong, walks in the South Downs or on the beach, cold water dips (in a pod or beach), at-home massages, cookery classes, health workshops, vision board creating, Epsom salt baths, sauna blanket etc etc.

You will feel:

  • Lighter, less bloated,
  • Bursting with energy (mentally and physically)
  • 100% motivated to continue the programme at home,
  • Confident to carry on a ‘free-from’ (sugar, gluten, dairy, booze etc) way of eating you may want to continue post-retreat
  • Glowing and ready to take on any challenge.

What previous retreat participants have said:

“The house was really comfortable and clean. The view was fab! The food was great as were the juices. It was so helpful to learn some recipes and learn about a new way of cooking/eating in person.  I loved our walks and it was lovely to do Qi Gong in the Downs. The sea swim was really invigorating. I really loved having the yoga sessions and the reflexology was incredible. The vision board was fab, I loved having the opportunity to be creative.

I would recommend the retreat 🙂 It felt amazing to be cared for and looked after. As a mum you very rarely have time to focus on yourself or to have someone else to care for you as usually you are the one doing the worrying and caring! It was also so helpful to gain all the knowledge I did over the four days. It was like a crash course and it would have taken so much longer to gain this knowledge, I felt really inspired to carry on with all the techniques at home and it really helped to set me on a new path. “ Carly

“The detox retreat with Nathalie is fantastic. I have done two now & find the balance between nutrition, relaxation and yoga very therapeutic. It is a superb way to rejuvenate and take time out.” Felicity

“Nathalie has an inspiring charm and empathy and for that reason I will continue to follow her & join her wonderful retreats”. Ellie

“I had an amazing time, total relaxation, amazing food. Very relaxed and comfortable retreat with Nathalie. Cannot wait to return! Thank you so much – your support is really appreciated.” Linda

“Fab food – lots of tips! lovely lady 🙂 “Lisa

“Amazing, refreshing and energising food.  Enjoyed all the tips and recipes.  Looking forward to creating my own. Thank you!” Olivia

“Amazing food with an amazing person.  Truly inspirational!!” Amrit

Who the retreats are designed for:

– You – if you want a deep health reset and find it hard to do ‘healthy’ on your own

– You – if you have a health condition you just can’t shift and need personal attention and knowledgeable total care

– You – if you want help to get started on healthy eating and lifestyle habits and want a clear plan to make that happen at home

– You – if you just need a little kick-start to get you on the healthy path again

– You – if you want to have fun while eating great food, learning about your own body, enjoying healthy pampering activities, relaxing thoroughly…a break from it all.

Choices of activities include:

(all optional except food 🙂

– Organic vegan food and snacks

– Juicing & exclusive 2-day juice fasts

– In-house reflexology or massage treatments

– Cookery demos

– Walks in nature: Hove beach/South Downs

– Sauna blanket/cold water dips (in a pod at home or beach)

– Sea dips/swims (optional but great introduction to cold-water therapy! with an experienced cold water swimmer)

– Yoga/QiGong classes (locally or in-house) (optional)

– Nutrition workshops/talks

– Vision board creation

– One-to-one nutrition consultations

– A personalised approach guaranteed by the small numbers.

The nitty gritty details:

Numbers: 2-3  people only: Imagine a retreat with your best friend(s), wife/husband, child (18+)?

Where: In my own 4 bedroom home in Portslade (with amazing views) – overlooking the SouthDowns and a 5 min drive from the train station and from the beach.

Prices: from £550pp. (min 3 people) Maximum 4 people (2 people sharing a kingsize bed)

Check out the venue (my home):

“A Guest Favourite – One of the most loved homes on Airbnb according to guests”

Advantages of this retreat:

Personalised (pick and choose who, what and how much you want to do)

Hosted by a Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach with over 15 years’ experience and many retreats under her belt 😉

You choose the people and activities you want on it.

An easy, fun way to get started on the right healthy path for 2024 with a take-home programme including recipes, tips and personalised knowledge.