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Responsibility Vs Blame

Responsibility Vs Blame

This might sound harsh, but the advice I recently gave several of my clients was:
“Take responsibility and take charge”. Your gut is ‘misbehaving’ because of your actions (or lack of).

This came as a ‘aha moment’ for two clients in particular who started their sessions with:
“I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve had gas, pain, bloat (fill in the blanks) all week and not sure where it’s come from” ie: “I haven’t done anything ‘wrong’ – I’ve followed your advice and it’s not working”.

Except that….both of them had take aways, booze AND very demanding stressful weeks at work. They didn’t prepare physically (through food/drink) or mentally (through relaxing ‘actions’) for the onslaught of a stressful, difficult week ahead and suffered the consequences.

So their ‘oh I don’t know why’ complaints fell on (my) deaf ears.


I work with a lot of top busy executives, directors, entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals.
They are used to being in control. When they do things a certain way, they’re used to having predictable outcomes.
And they’re used to delegating whatever they can’t or won’t do and expect things to work out well too.

They expect their bodies to do the same.
And they’re shocked when they don’t.

Like many of my clients, they don’t really want to put in much (sometimes any) work into getting better.  In fact, if we’re honest with ourselves, most of us would take a pill if it 100% promised to get rid of xyz problem without side effects or consequences.

And that’s what a lot of us do when we go to our doctors with high hopes.  Unfortunately the promise of the ‘healing pill’ often doesn’t happen and will frequently come at a price.

Similarly, my busy, ambitious clients will get frustrated and angry that things aren’t working according to their plans. Which then ‘feeds’ their symptoms and gets their guts angrier and more problematic.

Stop the blame and take charge

We’re so used to blaming others for our ails: our genes, ‘slow metabolism’, upbringing, stress, boss, wives etc.. that we find it difficult to take action and feel helpless when facing a health crisis we don’t understand.

Once we realise that we need to take responsibility for where we’ve ‘landed’ and put our minds to help ourselves and take the right actions (which might be food or mind-related), miracles can and often do happen.

Once blame is left out, and you take responsibility and take back control of your own actions, you will feel powerful.  Excited by the results of your positive actions to help yourself, you will feel a sense of achievement and power that no ‘magic’ pill will ever give you.

True, lasting change can only happen if and when you’re fully onboard with it.

So make the right decisions.

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