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Piled On ‘Corona-Pounds’?

A recent study revealed that about two-thirds of Britons have put on over a stone of weight during confinement. And although the study itself was carried by a very well-known weight-loss product brand I won’t name, hence probably slightly biased – it’s easy to look at one’s body in the mirror after weeks of boring social distancing, that there might be some truth in that figure.  The Germans have even come up with a term to describe the lockdown pounds: ‘corona speck’ (translated as corona bacon).

So with the likely lift of lockdown looming, many of you will be looking for ways to lose that weight before re-entering the world. 

Weight gain, however, is only a symptom of inner deficiencies and imbalances, mainly nutritional – but also emotional.  Ignore these at your peril. And one large imbalance or cause for all this weight-gain in many can easily be linked to stress, anxiety, loneliness and boredom brought on by the whole ‘situation’. 

The first step towards reaching your ideal weight – one where you feel energised (not depleted), confident and healthy (balanced), should always be to deeply understand yourself.  Some of you, having had to stop and do little these past few months may have already started this process.  Others may have taken this time away from public scrutiny to throw away all cares and self-awareness.

Wherever you are right now, the following simple steps might help to put you back on track and help you understand where you stand.

  • Check your nutrient levels – Before rushing to buy often unneeded supplements, do a hair mineral or blood test. These are widely available locally and online and do not cost the earth. They will highlight which nutrients might be lacking in your system, which may hinder or even contribute to your weight gain.
  • Get your gut working well. Have you been over-doing the sugar and alcohol? These will have damaged your gut bacteria (and weakened your immunity) so it’s crucial to redress the balance and make sure you can absorb nutrients and eliminate thoroughly any excess toxins your body has accumulated. Check out this article for help with re-establishing balance in your gut.
  • Slow down. Did you notice how much better you felt when you took time to do the simple things in your life? Keep that going.  Slow down eating, chewing, being mindful of your body and its needs.
  • Assess stress and anxiety in your life.  Being in a state of stress or anxiety, especially at a low-level but chronic level, will increase your cortisol levels, which is the stress and fat-storing hormone.  So time to sit with yourself and evaluate where stress shows up and come up with 3 actions you can take right now to reduce that stress. Whatever works for you.


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