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Open Your Eyes And ‘Smell’ The Statistics

Open Your Eyes And ‘Smell’ The Statistics

Vaccines, masks, ‘social’ distancing, lockdowns…

This isn’t the first time that governments around the world desperately try to find ‘magic’ treatments that will help control an epidemic.

Some would call these firefighting measures.

But is anyone actually looking at the root of the problem staring us in the face?

New in: recent research from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) reports that over 80% – (yes: 80% of people!) – in intensive care with Covid were OBESE (after taking into account all other health factors such as heart disease and diabetes).

These astonishing numbers are further confirmed by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) showing that 89% of those hospitalised with Covid had at least one of the five risk factors (hypertension, obesity, diabetes, lung disease and cardiovascular disease) – hypertension and obesity being the most prevalent?

With recent figures showing that over 62% of all UK adults are now obese with 58% women and 68% men, is anyone ‘at the top’ putting MORE serious resources right now into curbing THAT pandemic?

Not that I can see.

The good news:

New research reported in the British Medical Journal observed 3,000 health workers in 6 different countries and discovered that a plant-or-fish-based diet reduced the chances of a moderate to severe Covid infection by more than half!

With the focus of health agencies and governments having totally shifted to finding quick fixes for Covid, very little valuable, lasting advice is provided to help boost people’s immunity or to change dietary habits.

Granted, curbing obesity is NOT a quick fix or cure for Covid, but it WILL place you, the overstretched health services and the economy in a stronger position long-term.

Does your own diet worry you?

You will do well to start by: 

* eating foods that are closer to their natural states

* having half of your plate covered with colourful vegetables

* moving more daily (not exercise!)

* eating more slowly and mindfully

* doing more about stress.

If the proof really is in the ‘pudding’ – then how about the fact that despite the widespread uptake of vaccination, Covid cases continue to rise – as do sales of processed and fast-foods?

Food for thought…

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