Looking For Treatment and Natural Relief For Leaky Gut or Think You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome?

(simple and natural options to improve your gut health)

✗  Are you in pain, bloated and fed up with not being able to live your life fully because of it? …

✗  Have you been told you have LEAKY GUT but can’t figure out which foods trigger your symptoms?

✗  Is your gut controlling your life? your mood, energy, confidence and even your wardrobe and relationships (oh yes it does)?

>> You can get rid of your gut problems and start enjoying life (and food) again!

…even if you think you’ve tried it all before.

Are you sick and tired of:

  • Feeling PAIN, BLOAT, erratic digestion, LOW ENERGY and being constantly focused on your health problems?
  • Being told you have IBS but not being offered real long-term solutions?
  • Trying all the superfoods, supplements, restrictive diets and FODMAP that promise smooth digestion but HAVEN’T WORKED FOR YOU LONG TERM?
  • Feeling that you’ve become this GRUMPY, tired, snappy and moody person that YOU KNOW deep down you are NOT?
  • Having to watch EVERYTHING you eat and drink because you’re scared of pain and bloat?
  • Wearing BAGGY CLOTHES that ‘hide’ your bloated tummy and ‘expanding curves’?
  • Feeling that life is just passing you by and you’re MISSING OUT?

Do you wish you could:

✓ Eat delicious foods you any time – even in restaurants – because you know they’re safe?

✓ You could look at your body in the mirror and say ‘yeah, I feel great and I look it!’?

✓ Have the energy to focus on things you’ve always wanted to do like go for that promotion/job, travel, socialize more, meet ‘mr right’, exercise, run a marathon…..anything!?

✓ Get back to your ‘old’ self and go out with your friends and family and enjoy life without fear of having to use the loo or trapped wind or bloat?

How badly do you want this: 

✓✓ To not have to think of your gut when you eat in or out or any time

✓✓ To be and feel normal again – eat, go out, live life – like ‘normal’ people do.

✓✓ To be able to enjoy delicious foods without fear of what your tummy will be like afterwards

✓✓ To find renewed energy like never before and finally do all the things you’ve put on hold

✓✓ To be able to focus on the more interesting and fun aspects of life like relationships, socialisingtravel, challenges, work etc

✓✓ To fit into your favourite jeans and (sexy) clothes again

✓✓ To feel and look confident and rejuvenated and glow from the inside out

✓✓ To get lots of notice from friends, family.

If you answered ‘yes’ to more than one of these then you are right where you should be and I cannot wait to help you.

So you might be thinking right now:

” Yeah, but I’ve tried it all, all the tests and meds from the doctors, the diets, FODMAP, supplements and superfoods that promised results – and here I am again.”

>> I get it – most of my clients have gone through it all and (almost) lost all hope.

The thing is, you don’t need more tests, prodding, pills, and really restrictive, impossible-to-sustain diets.

What you need is to get to the real root cause of your leaky gut and gut pain – not just treat the symptoms.

How do I know this? Because I’ve helped hundreds of people like you who’d lost all hope and got well again.

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  • Your dreams and goals
  • And whether of one our coaching programmes would be the best way to get you on the road to recovery.

Thank you and I look forward to talking with you soon!

Nathalie 🙂

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Let’s hear it from past clients:

*I suffered with really painful tummy aches and severe bloating for many years and was told by doctors it was IBS and something I would likely live with. I decided to try Nathalie’s program to see if there was anything I could do  which may help and Nathalie was recommended by a friend – the best recommendation ever, and literally life changing! I do not have IBS and by following the advice, I have spent the past 3 months pain free – no tummy aches and no bloating. I have lost weight, feel so much better in myself and my diet has never been better! I have recommended Nathalie to many people since and will continue to recommend her to everyone. Thank you Nathalie xx” 

Gemma Burfield, Littlehamptom, UK.

*I decided to start Nathalie’s program after nearly 10 years suffering from acid reflux and gastric issues. The doctor’s answers had been to take some tablets and stay off coffee and orange juice, but that was about the extent of their advice. Needless to say Nathalie far exceeded my expectations – not only did she guide me to know what my body can/cannot digest, but she also looked at my problems in a holistic manner, digging down into my day to day living/my routine/my background/my goals etc. to find out how everything was impacting my health.  I came out feeling lighter, more energized, more content in my body than I had been for the past decade.”

Cecilia Divett, Nice, France


 *I went to Nathalie after suffering with painful and relentless digestive problems for over two years which were set off by a serious episode of food poisoning. Nathalie’s programme helped me to ‘calm down’ my digestive system first which had been inflamed for so long, and to identify my food intolerances. The programme helped me to gradually heal by eliminating inflammatory food groups, and to make sustainable changes to get better. What I noticed first was how energetic I started to feel a few days after starting the programme, the before & after difference was astonishing. Nathalie was also great in giving me advice on how to look after my gut long term. I cannot recommend Nathalie highly enough!”

Bettina Ingram, UK 

* I suffer from IBS and got sick of having a bad stomach, cramps, feeling lethargic and not knowing what I could eat. Nathalie offered so much support and more. I’m now much more educated about what’s good for me and the impact of the foods which I loved which really weren’t good for me. Nathalie helped me to gain the confidence to cook and assisted me with an online cooking class to help bake bread, something I never thought I’d do! At the end of the program, the bloating and cramps have gone.  Merci beaucoup!”

Natalie Brown, UK.


*Disclaimer: outcomes may vary from person to person

UK-based (and international) Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach

Nathalie Sansonetti BA, MA, DNn, Dip AIT, HCI Certified Coach
I am a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist and Certified Health Coach in Brighton & Hove. 

Read more about Nathalie here

I am a full member of the FNTP (Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, UK) and the UK Health Coaching Association.

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