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Tip #10 For Kids’ Healthy Eating

 Tip # 10   Breakfast of kings

There are several reasons why breakfast is the most important meal of the day for the whole family:

  •  it’s been a long time since dinner and your child’s blood sugar is very low on waking. If your child wakes up grumpy, this is the reason!
  • between 7am to 9am is when the stomach is at its most active, so it’s ready to receive and digest lots of good food!
  • eating a good breakfast with protein in it keeps the energy going until lunchtime and prevent slumps of energy and hunger throughout the day

Here are some ideas for breakfast:

  • water is the most important aspect of breakfast as your child is dehydrated on waking, so a large cup of room-temperature still water or very diluted pressed juice is great!
  • make more vegetables for dinner than required for that meal and serve them for breakfast
  • porridge oats with nuts and seeds with half a banana/other fruit
  • cook porridge oats with coconut milk or almond milk for a more nutritious meal
  • add 1tsp of raw honey if your child has a little cold
  •  vary the flakes you use: millet, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat flakes
  • bake your own bread if you can, adding protein in the mix: chickpea flour, quinoa flour, some brown rice flour..then use with beans, eggs, etc.
  • wholemeal bread with baked beans (choose the reduced sugar & salt variety – but make sure there aren’t any sweeteners) and some vegetables
  • pita bread with houmous and avocado/cucumber/tomato/salad
  • pancakes with wholewheat flour with plain yogurt & fruits
  • smoothie with coconut/rice/nut/cow’s milk with fresh fruit or frozen berries, one banana, a handful of oats, some nuts+seeds
  • soups are great in winter – add pulses (lentils, beans) and lots of vegetables
  • eggs on toast, scrambled, boiled, ‘soldiers’ etc with some vegetables
  • plain yogurt with some oats + seeds and nuts and fruits
  • omelette with sweet potatoes and vegetables

No time in the morning? Organise the night before on days you’re rushing, ie: prepare pancakes and only warm them in morning, keep soups, vegetables, omelettes from dinner and just warm them up in the morning. Smoothies are very quick, easy to make and drink, and you can add lots of very healthy ingredients to them!

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