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Are You REALLY Well Hydrated?

Are you really well hydrated?

If I received £10 every time a client tells me ‘not enough’ when asked if they drink enough water – I’d be very rich indeed!

What better advice to give you on these (at long last) warm summer days than to make sure you are fully hydrated? Nothing else will make you feel healthier, more energised, clear-headed and ready to face the sun and heat!

Unfortunately a few myths abound around hydration, and I thought I’d clarify exactly what you need to consume daily.

First of all, recognising the first signs of dehydration is important:

  • dark, smelly urine
  • low energy
  • lack of concentration, headaches/migraines
  • dry mouth/skin

So here are a few important guidelines you should follow to improve your energy levels, mental clarity and focus, better gut and skin and overall improved wellbeing:

  • Only drink still water, room temperature (add a handful frozen berries or frozen sliced lemon/lime/cucumber to cool down a little in the summer).
  • Drink about ½ your body weight (in ounces of water to weight in pounds).
  • Sip slowly through the day – gulping down gallons of water will go straight to your bladder and not hydrate you properly.
  • Keep hot drinks (any and all hot drinks – including hot water) to 2 a day at most – hot water is diuretic so you’ll lose
  • Don’t rely on vegetables and salads to hydrate you – stick to water.
  • Drink more water if you sweat, exercise, drink alcohol, smoke, drink a lot of caffeinated drink
  • MEASURE! don’t guess how much water you drink – you NEVER drink as much as you think you do!
  • Keep your water in stainless steel or glass bottles – even BPA-free plastic bottles are not safe.
  • Think about it: you (should) consume so much water in cooking and drinking – it’s really worth investing in good quality water. There are plenty of great water filters out there – do your homework.  I personally like Berkey and Niken filters.

Cin Cin!

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