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Is Knowing Your ‘Why’​ Enough?

IS knowing your ‘why’ enough?

We’ve all heard how knowing and conveying the ‘why’ behind what you do is important in business.

No one will refute Sinek’s and others’ views that this is a crucial element that will not only clarify your own reasons for doing what you do, but also will help to attract people to you (in your business) who have similar beliefs.

So how can this concept be applied to personal life and non-business areas?

I call it intent.

Why intent is the engine behind your ‘why’

Intent starts with your why, but goes one step further.

Here’s an example: why am I eating healthy rather than junk food?

Because I want to feel good in my body – because I want to live longer. Because I want to avoid pain and disease.

So if the ‘why’ theory was that useful in our lives (outside of business), everyone who has these beliefs and ‘becauses’ would eat healthily – right?

I don’t think so.

So to me, the why without intent is just a belief. It doesn’t necessarily bring action.

Intent is one step further to that.

When you intend to do something, it will focus your beliefs or ‘whys’ towards acting on them.

If you intend to cycle to work rather than drive, you’re more likely to do that than if you just hold the belief that it’s better for the environment.

My tip to help align your actions with your beliefs is to place one intent on every action you do. Find your why and then act on it.

For example, I’m writing this article because I believe it may be helpful to even one person who will resonate with it and then intended to write it for that one person.

My intent helped me to act on my belief.

And if your belief doesn’t inspire you to act upon it – then some re-evaluation might be required.

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