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Is FEAR of Food More Damaging Than Food?

Is Your Fear of Food More Damaging Than 'Bad' Food?

With the constant avalanche of ‘official’ reports in the media about the latest ‘bad’ foods, it’s a wonder we actually manage to find anything to eat that’s not going to make us ill, obese or worse.

Having worked for many years within the field of food intolerances and allergies, I have seen people with such food phobias that they were surviving on one or two single foods for decades – with dire repercussions on their health.

It has become overwhelmingly clear in my practice that fear of food is doing far more damage than the foods themselves.

So why do you react to certain foods?

 Imagine being told that you are intolerant to wheat and still craving bread.  Your fear of eating the bread will trigger a fight or flight response, increase your stress hormones, which will ‘order’ your gut to stop digesting foods right now.  But you eat it anyway, with all the inner conflicts of “I know it’s bad for me”, “gluten makes me fat”, “I’m going to bloat” etc.  The likelihood is that you will bloat, feel fat and be in pain.  But far less because of the bread than the fact that you ignored that your fear caused your gut to not to want to digest anything at that moment.

What’s the best way to approach food? 

Accept that food isn’t the enemy.  Your attitude to it is.  Consume a good variety of fresh, unprocessed, delicious foods in a relaxed environment and really savour every morsel – as if you were re-discovering what food is all about:  something that gives life and energy.

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