(Good News for IBS Sufferers)

Get Ready to Sort Out Your IBS Problems in the Proper Way

Are you in pain, bloated and fed up with not being able to live your life fully because of it?

Struggling to figure out which foods trigger your IBS symptoms?

Is your gut controlling your life, mood, energy, confidence, wardrobe and even your relationships?

>> You CAN get rid of your gut problems and start enjoying life (and food) again!

…even if you think you’ve tried everything already.

Have you had any of the following:

  • Chronic symptoms like diarrhea, erratic digestion, low energy, constipation, anxiety and stress
  • Being constantly focused on your health problems
  • Being told you have IBS but not being offered real long-term solutions
  • Trying all the superfoods, supplements, restrictive diets and FODMAP that promise smooth digestion – but haven’t worked for you, long term
  • Feeling that you’ve become this grumpy, tired, snappy and moody person that you know, deep down, you are not
  • Having to watch everything you eat and drink because you’re desperate to avoid the pain and bloating
  • Wearing baggy clothes to try hide your bloated tummy and expanding curves
  • Feeling that Life is just passing you by and you’re “missing out”

If you answered YES to more than one of these then I can HELP YOU.

Hi, I’m Nathalie…

Nathalie Sansonetti (BA, MA, DNn, Dip AIT, HCI Certified Coach)

As an expert in gut and nutritional health issues I’ve helped more than 800 people with their IBS and other health problems.
You can trust my qualifications and experience to achieve the same results for you…

  • Nutritional Therapist (10+ years)
  • Accredited Health Coach (Health Coach Institute)
  • Emotional Freedom Therapy/Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner 
  • Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, Member
  • UK Health Coaching Association, Member

How would you feel if you could:

  • Not have to worry about your gut before you eat (or what your tummy will be like afterwards)?
  • Eat delicious foods when you want to, because you know they’re safe?
  • See your body in the mirror and say “Yeah, I feel great and I look it!”?
  • Fit into your favourite jeans and (sexy) clothes again?
  • Have the renewed energy to “go for it” with all the things you’ve previously put on hold, like: that new job or promotion, travelling, more socialising, meeting that special someone, exercising, running a marathon…..anything!?
  • Just feel normal again? Go out with your friends and family and enjoy life without fear of having to use the loo, or trapped wind, or bloating.
  • Look and feel confident, rejuvenated and glowing from the inside out?

Right now you might be thinking:

“Yeah, but I’ve tried the lot! All the tests and meds from the doctors. The diets. FODMAP. Supplements. The superfoods that weren’t all that super… But I’m still in the same predicament.”

I understand your frustration – most of my clients had similar experiences.

The thing is, you don’t need more tests, prodding, pills, and really restrictive, impossible-to-sustain diets.

What you need is to get to the root cause of your IBS and gut pain – not just treat the symptoms.
Only then will you be able to enjoy a life free of IBS pain, for the long term.

How do I know this? Because I’ve helped hundreds of people like you, who’d lost all hope but then got well again.

So what can you do TODAY?

Until recently, most of my clients signed up for a series of weekly intensive 1-2-1 coaching sessions.
Doing things this way however, takes up a lot of my time, and so for some people the cost can seem quite expensive… I guess it depends on what price you put on your health!

But we live in turbulent times now and we’re all having to adapt.
So to help the most number of people I can with their health issues, I’ve added some more options…
By taking what I do and turning it into various online courses, I can now offer solutions to suit all budgets…
Then it’s just a case of how fast you want to make progress, and how much hand-holding you need to finally overcome your IBS issues

Choose from one of our proven programmes to get you back to great health.

So if you’re serious about overcoming your IBS and gut health problems naturally, and for the long term, you should click the green button below and choose from one of my courses.

Then, using the essential information and easy-to-follow guides provided, and supported where necessary with 1-2-1 coaching sessions, you will discover a clear path to getting your health back on track.

Also, the standard courses are covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee… so you really have nothing to lose – except the pain and burden of your IBS.

Click the button now, read about the various courses, and sign up for the one that suits you best. And I can’t wait to help you on your road to recovery.

Nathalie 🙂

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What my clients say:

*I suffered with really painful tummy aches and severe bloating for many years and was told by doctors it was IBS and something I would likely live with. Nathalie was recommended by a friend – the best recommendation ever, and literally life changing! I do not have IBS and by following the advice, I have spent the past 3 months pain free – no tummy aches and no bloating. I have lost weight, feel so much better in myself and my diet has never been better!”

Gemma Burfield, Littlehamptom, UK.


I was diagnosed with Crohn’s 5 months ago. 4 months after seeing Nathalie and completely changing the way I eat and learning ways to deal with stress I have today been told there is no inflammation/ Crohn’s showing in my body!!! So happy!!! Thank you Nathalie”

Watch Lauren’s Video Testimonial HERE

Lauren Tarry, UK

*I went to see Nathalie because I’d reached such a low point in my life. I felt awful. I had no energy, I was exhausted all the time and I hadn’t been able to get to sleep without listening to TV shows in over ten years. I felt stressed and turned to food to try and find a serotonin boost, eating a solid diet of beige carbs and chocolate…I was stuck in a cycle of self criticism and felt completely lost. I can safely say I barely recognise that person anymore! Nathalie has been incredible. She has given me so many tools to help me make sustainable changes that will last a life time. For the first time in my life I feel comfortable in my own skin. I am kind and loving to myself and I have so much to be grateful for. Thank you Nathalie for pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me reach my goals.”

Sophie Lemberger, UK


“I signed up for the Total Body Transformation program with Nathalie after hitting rock bottom (again) with my health. I was feeling, low, stressed out and absolutely exhausted.  I’m absolutely amazed at how different I feel. I feel like I’m getting back to my old happy, healthy self before my life was consumed by my ‘condition’. Nathalie has been an inspiration to work with. I feel that she has this amazing ability to understand what I need. The sessions are really enjoyable, positive and the whole process has felt so easy. I wish I’d done this years ago.”  

Jo Conlon, Brighton, UK

*Disclaimer: outcomes may vary from person to person

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