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How Your Environment Affects Your Health


Research carried out on children’s cognitive abilities indicated that there were some improvements while they listened to Mozart’s music.  It was also found to help epileptic and Alzheimer patients.

This kind of research highlights the impact of our environment on our biology and health.

To be more precise, the ‘absorption’ and ‘digestion’ of our environment have a very powerful – albeit often ignored – effect on our physical wellbeing.

More fascinating research

Similarly, Dr Emoto’s work on water (and food) showed how the power of words, and sounds (‘vibrations’), can literally transform the physical appearance of water particles.  In another one of his famous experiment, bowls of rice that were shouted at and abused: rotted, while an identical bowl that received words of praise and love: sprouted.

How is this relevant to healing?

As I grow and learn through the years – helping people to improve their health, I am more and more aware that most if not all diseases are manifestations of our (internal and external) environments, how we perceive it (through our senses – ie music, praise), and what we do with these perceptions (what thoughts and beliefs we form).

I have seen over time how even my most desperately ill clients could turn their health around once they were able (and willing) to release the emotional, mental and often spiritual blocks that kept them stuck.

We’re only at the tip of the iceberg of knowledge about the mind-body connection and I am so excited to learn and put it all into practice with my clients.


Would you like to explore how your mind/beliefs/thoughts may be contributing to your health ‘condition’ and how to release and let go?


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