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How To: Skin Brushing



The lymphatic system is made up of vessels, capillaries and veins, just like the blood circulatory system, and is connected to lymph glands where the lymph is filtered.  The lymphatic system lies right beneath your skin and its main function is to transport infection-fighting white blood cells around the body.  It is also vital in the transport of toxins out of cells into the liver, where it is further processed and eliminated.  Although the lymphatic system is closely related to the blood circulation, it doesn’t have a ‘pumping’ mechanism and can get sluggish from too much toxicity.  This can cause headaches, nausea, pain in the joints, skin issues etc.  It is therefore essential that we help the lymph along and skin brushing is a great way to stimulate the lymph to flow more smoothly around the body. Try and brush daily for a few minutes on waking, followed by hot and cold showers.  Here’s how it’s done:

Buy a long-handled brush with natural bristles from the chemist or online.

Using only a few strokes each time throughout the body, always towards the heart.

Use the brush dry.  Start from the top of the right foot, then under the right foot, then top left foot, under left foot, then whole right leg, then whole left leg, then buttocks, then tummy area, then front chest, then right hand, then right whole arm and shoulder, then left hand, arm and shoulder. Leave face, do neck (towards the heart, so downward), front and back.

The whole process should last only 5-10 min. follow with shower. At end of shower, do 20 sec hot (as hot as you can stand) over entire body, then 20 sec cold (as cold as you can stand) then hot again and finish with cold. If no time to do 4 times, just finish your normal shower with very cold for 30 sec-1min. always finish with cold over whole body – great for energy, and for shiny hair!


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