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How Clelia’s Life Changed

How Clelia’s Life Went From ‘Low Everything’ To Glowing

Clelia worked as a Pastry Chef in a very demanding, physically difficult environment.

Her situation wasn’t helped by the fact that she suffered from excruciating aches and pains, chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances that were impacting her energy and moods.

In addition, having some ‘extra weight’ made it difficult and more painful for her to have to stand up a lot and work long hours.

She wasn’t finding sleep restful and would wake up all the time through the night, leading to exhausting days that made it difficult to say no to all the delicious temptations in her work.

Acid reflux was a challenge, bringing more pain, discomfort day and night and additional medications she wasn’t happy to take.

Needless to say, Clelia was not in a good place when she contacted me last year (in 2020).

What Happened Next

Clelia was my favourite kind of client: she was dedicated and 100% committed to making changes and making the programme she enrolled on work for her.

She was very inquisitive, asked lots of questions and wanted to really learn how her body worked. And she trusted me fully from day one.

She implemented everything I advised her to do: for example, changing some things in her diet, eliminating certain foods that were giving her bloat and erratic bowels, replacing these with foods that she learnt to love.

She loved going deep into her blocks from the past, loved exploring her limiting beliefs and again, trusted the process of rebuilding her own self-esteem and confidence.

She learnt to love herself again.

She was hooked on wellbeing from the first week, when she realised a lot of her symptoms disappeared very quickly.

She got stronger and stronger in her belief that she might just get rid of all her issues within the 12 weeks of her programme.

And she did.  For the most part.

Where She Is Now – One Year On

In the video on this post, you’ll see Clelia’s enthusiasm and glow.

She kept up with most of the new habits she gained while on her 12-week programme.  And she is still building up her strength and reaping the benefits.

She not only loved her programme, but she was actually inspired to learn how to help others the way I helped her.  So she enrolled in a Health and Life Coaching course.

Here’s what she had to say about working with me:

“I am confident to say that If you have any kind of problem in your life, please know that Nathalie is able to help you get through it as she did with me. What is very important to me is that I immediately felt understood and listened to and there was no judgment from her side. This allowed me to open up and look into my issues from the right point of view.”

I wish her all the success, health and happiness she totally deserves and I know she will continue to thrive.

Well done Clelia!

Nathalie X

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