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The Diabetes-Stress Connection

Diabetes Type 2 and The Stress Connection

Early June was Diabetes Awareness week and since about 1 in 16 British people suffers from the illness, it’s worth highlighting a little-known fact about diabetes (Type 2).

We all know that eating refined sugars and grains is a major contributor to diabetes T2. The condition is also commonly associated with obesity, also prevalent in the UK.

But did you know that STRESS also plays a fundamental role in the onset of diabetes T2?

How it works:

To cut a long scientific story short, when we’re stressed, we produce a hormone – cortisol – which counters the action of insulin and contributes to insulin resistance. This increases fat-storage, particularly in the liver and abdomen. This leads to a greater propensity towards obesity as well as diabetes T2.

IMPORTANT: your brain doesn’t differentiate between deadline-stress and you being chased by a bear, so it’s important to switch off the stress signals. Here are some instant quick ways to reduce stress:

  • SLOW DOWN! Slow everything – your moving, thinking, exercising, eating, drinking etc.
  • BREATHE: deep breathe through the day, especially before meals.
  • BE MINDUL: STOP and BECOME AWARE of your body, your speed, breathing, your stress levels and slow it all down.
  • DO NOTHING: at regular intervals through through the day – just sit there.
  • RELAX MORE: if yoga, walking the dog or reading is your thing, do it more often.

Reducing stress around eating:

A large part of what I do in relation to gut-health and other related illnesses and health issues is about reducing stress.  I always say to my clients, “It’s not just WHAT you eat that counts, it’s HOW YOU ARE when you eat it.”

How can you reduce stress around food?

  • Slow down your eating by chewing thoroughly each mouthful
  • Breathe deeply before, during and after you eat
  • Be mindful of your food, what it tastes, feels, smells, looks like. Make eating a pleasure for all your senses.
  • Relax around food – food isn’t the enemy, it’s the stress we feel when we try and control it too much that can actually cause gut issues, intolerances, malabsorption of nutrients, indigestion, acid reflux and much more.


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