Why Is Self-Love So Underrated?

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Why Is Self-Love So Underrated? Growing up with two older brothers who spent a lot of time bullying me, with pretty absent parents, made me into a tough (and confused) child.  I was a tomboy for many years. I didn’t want to be seen as ‘girly’ as my brothers would not want to play with […]

Personalised vs General Health Advice

Personalised Versus General Health Advice Is there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years that I’ve been working as a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, it’s that there isn’t such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.  This, despite what the media, diet ‘systems’, pill manufacturers or even some ‘therapists’ would have you believe. We all know […]

The French Paradox: A Personal Story

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The French Paradox: A Personal Story I grew up in France in a family that you would qualify as the perfect example of the French paradox. We ate baguette, butter, saucisson, some heavy sauces and typical traditional French meals with a little red wine (for the adults) at lunch and sometimes dinnertime – and yet […]

The All or Nothing Approach

a mans face with an over-extended mouth full of junk food going in

The All or Nothing Approach Many of my clients and in fact many people in my ‘vicinity’, often talk of having to never buy chocolate or a packet of biscuits.  They’re afraid they’ll eat everything in one go. Does this sound familiar? Don’t blame yourself. It’s all been created by the diet and food industries.  […]

Taking Stock

A woman with her back to us in jeans and white tshirt spreading her arms to receive lots of multicoloured balloons falling on her from a blue sky

Taking stock It’s that time of year when you might be feeling the pressure to make resolutions – what you’ll eliminate or add to your life in 2024. Whoever thought it was a good idea to create these NY resolutions after a whole month of celebrations was either very cruel or very clever. Following what […]

Responsibility Vs Blame

Word quotes of STOP WISHING, STOP HOPING, START DOING on colorful sticky papers hanging by a rope against blurred wooden background.

Responsibility Vs Blame This might sound harsh, but the advice I recently gave several of my clients was: “Take responsibility and take charge”. Your gut is ‘misbehaving’ because of your actions (or lack of). This came as a ‘aha moment’ for two clients in particular who started their sessions with: “I don’t know what’s going […]

From Diets to Mindsets

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From Diets to Mindsets What I find most interesting about the state of health in the UK and the challenges we currently face, is that we know most can be reversed through food and exercise.  So why are 2.5m of UK adults right now unable to work due to illness, when so many of us […]

Five Steps to Turn your Health Around

Now more than ever, I feel the need to voice my passion for healthy eating, healthy habits and last but not least, healthy thinking.  You may feel that external factors have been controlling your well-being and stopping you in your attempt to feel well physically and mentally. Whether stress, sugar, pollution, genes, slow metabolism, low immunity or […]

5 Tips To Adapt More Easily To Changing Seasons

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5 Tips To Help You Adapt To The Changing Seasons While Summer is a time for faster pace and eating the colours of the rainbow, preferably raw, Autumn and Winter  are more of a time for casseroles, slowing down and heading towards cosy hibernation. This is how nature intended for us to live and despite […]

The Mind Gut Mind Connection

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The Mind Gut Mind Connection It can sometimes be difficult to understand whether a challenged gut influences the brain and may even be the root cause of depression or if it’s the other way around. When our microbiome isn’t working well, from eating the ‘wrong’ foods, drinks or ingesting toxic substances (ie: medications, pesticides, antibiotics […]