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Belief: The Essential Healing ‘Ingredient’

Belief: The Essential Healing ‘Ingredient’

When you cut your finger while cooking, do you expect to bleed to death? When you catch a cold or flu, do you expect to feel ill for…years?

No. Deep down you know that your body has an innate (amazing) ability to heal and repair itself.

So why can’t other ills heal fast – by themselves?

Well, many factors are at play, not least of which is food/drink.

But a seldom considered player is the expectation that your body can or cannot deal with the illness or injury. We’ve been made to believe that we must be healed ‘from the outside in’, with medications, strong treatments, or sometimes even damaging invasive therapies.

We’ve also been ‘told’ that we can’t possibly trust our own gut feeling or inner knowing and should always seek help from outside ‘experts’, doctors, therapists.

And don’t get me wrong, these might be helpful when certain conditions take longer to heal, or when a disease has become chronic.  But before it worsens, there’s always a window of time when we can do something about our health.

Preventing a symptom or symptoms from becoming chronic requires in my view two essential ‘ingredients’:

  1. Self-awareness – not ignoring or suppressing symptoms
  2. Belief – in our own ability to heal.

After over 14+ years working in a holistic manner with clients who’d lost all hope that their ‘conditions’ would ever get better, belief is the one mindset that I’ve seen over and over help people get out of the darkest places.


Belief in your body’s inner ability to heal, belief that you can come out of this stronger and healthier, belief that your mind and body are designed to heal – given the right tools and support.

I sometimes ask myself why my clients – often after years of getting nowhere with other treatments and therapies – suddenly (or gradually for some) start feeling better and better, are able to smile again, live almost normal lives again.

They often say to me “I don’t understand why it’s working now, because I’ve eliminated gluten or sugar for a while before and it didn’t make a difference. Or: I’ve seen other therapists and doctors but nothing has worked long-term before!

I put it down to my own belief that anyone who comes to me can and will get better.  I actively work on helping them unlock that innate healing power within themselves.  My clients regain hope, because many others have experienced with me what they desperately wanted.

And if that belief and hope could be put into a capsule, it would be priceless.

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