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Beat The Winter Blues

Many people suffer from the winter blues to varying degrees – from deep depression to low energy and fatigue. Follow t
hese tips to help alleviate these effects:

  • Vitamin D3: It’s easy to become deficient in this mood-lifting vitamin in the winter as we obtain it mainly from exposure to the sun. So buy a quality sublingual vitamin D3 – 1000-5000iu can be beneficial.
  • SAD lights: They can be life-saving and you only need to be exposed to them for 15-30 minutes each day to make a huge difference to your mood and general wellbeing. Check for brand comparison.
  • Warming good foods: focus on having a rainbow of colours on your plate at every meal and eat lightly cooked rather than raw foods.
  • Hybernate! There’s a good reason why bears do it – listen to your body and be gentle, sleep more and rest if you feel exhausted and in need of TLC. A massage and meditation may also boost you up.
  • Move more – This may sound contradictory, but only 20 minutes a day of any movement (walking, housecleaning, dancing, exercise..) will increase your feel-good hormones and oxygen in your blood – all good for the brain.

And if all fails, remember that Spring is just round the corner! 🙂


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