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Balance Out Hormones…Naturally!


Seed cycling for hormonal balance and fertility


Seed cycling is a gentle way to include some essential nutrients and good fats in your diet at specific times of your cycle to balance hormones and boost fertility.

This method helps to increase levels of estrogen in the first phase of your cycle where estrogen is required and boost levels of progesterone in phase two of your cycle.

This is an effective yet gentle way to help reduce certain symptoms associated with high estrogen and low progesterone levels such as pmt, ovarian cysts, clotting, endometriosis, breast sensitivity, irregular cycles and PCOS.

It can take 3-4 cycles/months to get the results you want, so be patient 🙂


The principles are as follows:

Phase 1: Day 1 of period to day 15 of cycle (ovulation):  Gradually increase levels of estrogen to prepare for ovulation: Eat daily: 1TBSP of ground flax seeds + 1 TBSP pumpkin seeds daily – with additional fish oil or krill oil during this phase to provide additional omega 3.


Phase 2:  Day 15 (ovulation) to day 28 : estrogen levels should drop suddenly right after ovulation (roughly at day 15) so you need to boost levels of progesterone here to build the uterine lining.  Estrogen needs to be kept in balance in phase 2 by increasing levels of progesterone.  Eat daily: 1 TBSP ground sesame seeds (to reduce excess estrogen) and 1 TBSP ground (or whole) sunflower seeds (to help support progesterone balance).    Evening Primrose Oil is recommended in this phase (to reduce inflammation and increase progesterone)

Here’s what it looks like:

Phase 1                                         Phase 2

Day 1 of periods>———————->Day 15/Day1 ovulation >———————————->Day 28

1 Tbsp ground flax                                          1 Tbsp ground sesame

1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds                                  1 Tbsp sunflower seeds

Fish/krill oil                                                        evening primrose oil


Other notes:

  • Ideally buy seeds whole then ground your seeds (with a vitamix or nutribullett/coffee grinder just before consuming and keep in the fridge as they oxidise fast.
  • You can ground seeds and keep in the freezer as well.
  • Don’t eat the seeds out of phase. Ie no flax or pumpkin in phase 2.
  • Sprinkle on muesli/porridge, in smoothies, on salads, soups
  • Do not heat or cook the seeds
  • A TBSP of grounded seeds is not the same as 1 TBSP of whole seeds.
  • If taking HRT or other medication please check with your doctor for potential incompatibilities and risks.

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