Open Your Eyes And ‘Smell’ The Statistics

weighing scales and food

Open Your Eyes And ‘Smell’ The Statistics Vaccines, masks, ‘social’ distancing, lockdowns… This isn’t the first time that governments around the world desperately try to find ‘magic’ treatments that will help control an epidemic. Some would call these firefighting measures. But is anyone actually looking at the root of the problem staring us in the […]

Bloating: What’s Really Causing It And 8 Ways To Banish It

Woman holding her bloated belly

Bloating: What’s Really Causing It And 8 Ways To Banish It A client long ago named me the ‘Gut Whisperer’ and it stuck. She came up with the nickname when she finally started having (satisfying) daily bowel movements – naturally – after life-long extreme constipation and subsequent chronic bloat. In my practice as a gut […]

Top Acid Reflux Causes

Man with acid reflux

Top Causes of Acid Reflux (GERD, Indigestion, Heartburn) Find out what acid reflux is really about and some tips to help reduce the cause of it. If you want to resolve your own issues with acid reflux/GERD, heartburn, indigestion for good,  read about my “Stop Acid Reflux Programme” here.

Slow Down To Improve Gut Health

life's treadmill

Slow Down to Improve Gut Health Do you find that the busier and faster life is, the more you suffer from gut complaints, exhaustion, bad sleep and perhaps depression? Do you use coffee, alcohol and other comforts to help you relax? Does your life feel like it’s ‘running away’ from you and is getting far […]

Why Acid Reflux Meds Are Not Meant For Long-Term Use

acid reflux

Why Acid Reflux Medications Are Not Meant For Long-Term Use In this video I explain why PPIs, antacids and similar medications do more damage than good when used long-term to help relieve symptoms of acid reflux, GERD, indigestion and heartburn. I also explain what happens in your body when you experience acid reflux or GERD, […]

How Andrea Got Rid of Mesniere’s Disease & Chronic Sickness

Testimonial from a happy client

Watch Andrea’s Incredible Testimonial 3 months ago, Andrea was living with chronic unpredictable vertigo attacks (accompanied by sickness), fear of going out to work, to socialise and live her life fully. She then decided to change her diet, did lots of tests and restricted her diet drastically, which increased her fear of food over the […]

Gut Problems? Top 5 Mistakes

Gut problems? Top 5 mistakes

Top 5 mistakes people with gut problems make. (Number 4 may surprise you!)   Whether you suffer from occasional bloat or full-blown IBS or IBDs, these are the most common mistakes I encounter in my practice: Eliminating too many foods. I meet many people in my work who suffer from malnourishment and blood sugar imbalances, […]

Top 5 Deathbed Regrets

5 top deathbed regrets

THIS PICTURE REALLY CAUGHT MY EYE RECENTLY 👻 Because ever since my teens, decided that I would NOT go to my deathbed and say “oh I wish I’d done this and that”. A bit premature for my age, but this attitude has pushed me to say ‘yes’ a lot and to live some incredible experiences. […]

Your Cravings Can Show A Deficiency

YOUR CRAVINGS CAN SHOW A DEFICIENCY Specifically for guts: > If you crave lemon or vinegar-y foods, you could be low in GASTRIC ACID.   Gastric acid is ESSENTIAL – and so often depleted in many gut sufferers.   Low gastric acid may lead to:   >>>>    Acid reflux (NOT caused by TOO MUCH acid […]

Vietnamese Gut-Friendly Salad

Vietnamese cabbage salad

Vietnamese Gut-Friendly Salad I love love love this light salad and so do my kids! You can adapt it to be vegan or vegetarian by replacing the chicken with some tofu or even butterbeans or chickpeas. Or you may want to swap the chicken with prawns or fish etc. It’s great for your gut (if […]