Your Cravings Can Show A Deficiency

YOUR CRAVINGS CAN SHOW A DEFICIENCY Specifically for guts: > If you crave lemon or vinegar-y foods, you could be low in GASTRIC ACID.   Gastric acid is ESSENTIAL – and so often depleted in many gut sufferers.   Low gastric acid may lead to:   >>>>    Acid reflux (NOT caused by TOO MUCH acid […]

Vietnamese Gut-Friendly Salad

Vietnamese cabbage salad

Vietnamese Gut-Friendly Salad I love love love this light salad and so do my kids! You can adapt it to be vegan or vegetarian by replacing the chicken with some tofu or even butterbeans or chickpeas. Or you may want to swap the chicken with prawns or fish etc. It’s great for your gut (if […]

Slim At All Costs?

Post about poo on a slimming world FB post

Slim At All Costs? I recently joined a group of ‘dieters’ on FB to investigate what goes on in ‘slimming’ groups. The reason behind it is that a lot of my clients (with gut issues – some extreme), have been in these groups for a while. Many have been in and out of these for […]

How Your Environment Affects Your Health

Man standing over the planet with hand on heart

HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE MOZART EFFECT? Research carried out on children’s cognitive abilities indicated that there were some improvements while they listened to Mozart’s music.  It was also found to help epileptic and Alzheimer patients. This kind of research highlights the impact of our environment on our biology and health. To be more precise, […]

Why Alcoholics Often Fall Into The Sugar Trap

woman eating a lollipop to highlight the sugar issue

The old lady with the handbag full of sweets A few years ago, an older lady (let’s call her ‘Mary’) came to me for nutritional help. Mary was very cross with herself and showed me her handbag that was literally overflowing with packets of sweets and chocolates: “I used to carry bottles of vodka and […]

The Dark Side Of Adaptability

woman juggling too many things in her life

THE DARK SIDE OF ADAPTABILITY We always hear that humans have always survived by being adaptable. We adapt to micro and macro external environments, events, people, etc. Our bodies also adapt to internal and external environments. They constantly thrive to achieve balance (homeostasis). In my view, though, trouble happens when ONE ELEMENT is missing. Then […]

Best One-Minute Gut & Mind/Body Relaxer

man and woman deep breathing

Gut Breathing This short breathing exercise can be incredibly helpful when you feel your gut tightening or knots forming in your stomach when feeling stressed. This breathing instantly relaxes your mind, body and gut and loosens those knots. It’s great for helping with panic attacks too as it focuses your mind on the breath. Also […]

5 Easy Steps To Instinctive Eating

woman bingeing at night

5 Easy Steps To Instinctive Eating I’m not a fan of ‘dry January’, ‘Dechox March’ or any of the so-called national days that direct us – mostly for economic reasons – into a deprivation mindset.  I don’t dispute the fact that these months can be beneficial to those who would otherwise never give their livers […]

How Clelia’s Life Changed

Testimonial from a happy client

How Clelia’s Life Went From ‘Low Everything’ To Glowing Clelia worked as a Pastry Chef in a very demanding, physically difficult environment. Her situation wasn’t helped by the fact that she suffered from excruciating aches and pains, chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances that were impacting her energy and moods. In addition, having some ‘extra weight’ made […]

Why I No Longer Offer Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerances

Food is the perfect healing tool. Full stop. ☝️ The MOST IMPORTANT LESSON I’VE LEARNT from years of testing hundreds of people with ‘suspected’ food intolerances is this: 🧠  Change your mindset and the ‘environment’ you eat in (ie HOW you eat rather than WHAT you eat) and you will change the way you eat, […]