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If I could make a £ every time I say to my clients ‘it’s not just what you eat, it’s how you are when you eat’, I’d be a billionaire. So many health professionals, the media, the big influencers of our habits like the major food companies, are so intent on making you eat the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ foods that you end up confused, discouraged and more stressed than ever.

Now guess what happens when you’re stressed? Among other things, you shallow breathe and your body diverts essential nutrients and blood flow away from your gut and towards your brain and limbs, readying you to fight or fly. So don’t count on your digestion to open for business if you’re stressed, it’s on strike.

So what’s a quick and effective way to reduce stress and improve digestion?

Here’s a simple stress-relieving (and digestion-boosting!) breathing exercise that will take 5 minutes of your day:
– Lie/sit down, close your eyes, relax your shoulders and place a hand on your lower abdomen.
– Inhale slowly through the nose and try and push your hand away, as if inflating a balloon inside your tummy.
– Exhale through your mouth and push your hand in – ‘deflating’ the balloon.
– Repeat 5 times, 5 times a day.

You might find yourself breathing this way naturally very soon and reaping the many benefits of relaxation! 


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