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The All or Nothing Approach

The All or Nothing Approach

Many of my clients and in fact many people in my ‘vicinity’, often talk of having to never buy chocolate or a packet of biscuits.  They’re afraid they’ll eat everything in one go.

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t blame yourself. It’s all been created by the diet and food industries.  First of all, classifying a food or drink as ‘naughty’ or good is a very modern idea.  Our ancestors definitely didn’t think “I’ll just have a tiny bit of that dinosaur’s leg and then give it to my neighbour, or I’ll eat it all in one sitting”.

The reality is that there is now an over-abundance of wealth and brain-bashing constant marketing and displays of sweet and other addictive foods.  We have become eating and drinking ‘machines’ that can only rely on our often weak resolve to not over-indulge.

The ‘diet’ industry has further deepened the problem in many ways:

  • by taking away our self-awareness and innate wisdom of when to stop. They give us instead ‘systems’ and diets to (blindly) follow, regardless of the fact that there isn’t one diet-fits-all and that only about 10% of them will work.
  • by depleting our body stores of essential nutrients: good brain-feeding fats, good energy-giving carbohydrates (not all carbs are created equal!) and good immune-boosting vitamins and minerals contained in fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • by creating a ‘deprivation’ habit of thought, which translates in this all or nothing mentality.  I’ll deprive myself of xyz for x amount of time and then I can eat all I want.
  • by punishing you if you fail (who ever thought that public weigh-ins/shaming were a good idea?!) and creating more guilt, shame and sense of failure where food will be the only comfort.
  • by not teaching you good eating habits – because if you did, you would no longer require their ‘services’.

What about the food industry’s responsibility in this?

The food industry and its marketers have also hugely contributed to our attitudes to food/drink. In fact they work hand in hand with the diet industry:

  • by creating foods/drinks laden with addictive sugars, salts and flavour enhancers
  • by mass-producing these products to such extent that they have become cheaper than fresh produce
  • by making these ‘foods’ available in the deepest corners of the globe where previously thriving populations’ health is now rapidly declining
  • by promoting these everywhere your kids hang out as they have the ‘pester power’ and purchasing power nowadays that adults never had before.
  • by introducing chemicals in your bodies and brains that will deplete your energy, create brain fog and depression that will take away your ability to make better choices.

But if you think you are helpless faced with all these challenges, think again.

The way forward is to increase your awareness about where these ‘giants’ have influenced you and your family.

Then decide where balance can be slowly re-created.  It won’t happen overnight, but start with you and make small ripples of change within yourself and others will follow.

You have more choice and power than ‘they’ would have you believe.

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