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All Calories Are Not Created Equal

All Calories Are Not Created Equal

News of government plans to force restaurants to add calorie listings on their menus is causing a lot of controversy from a business point of view (costs to small businesses, in particular) but may also lead to deeply damaging consequences.

Calorie-counting, along with low-fat products and dieting, is now commonly accepted as not only ineffective in reducing weight but potentially harming to your health. But how ‘wrong’ is it to be counting calories?

#1 Low calorie foods are not always healthy. Often filled with artificial, harmful sweeteners, gut-destroying fillers, devoid of nutrients, they will compromise your health, immunity, digestion, moods, hormonal balance etc.

#2 Low calorie foods will not make you thinner. In fact, most low calorie, low fat foods have been found to contribute to weight gain! How? Because…

#3 Low calorie foods will not keep you full and content. The protein and good fats in 1 tablespoon of nut butter for instance will go a far longer way to keep you satisfied, fuller and less likely to crave sugar – than having a low-calorie granola bar.

#4 Low calorie food = exhaustion – just like a car needs ‘proper’ petrol to burn fuel, so does your body. Your furnace (metabolism) will slow down and (almost) stop burning calories/fat if not fed the right fuel, leading to feeling ‘flat’ and unable to shed weight.

#5 Calorie-counting and reducing low cal makes you feel deprived – this will only contribute to hiking your levels of stress-hormones (cortisol) which also happens to be your fat-storing hormones..oops!

These are only a few reasons not to be counting calories – let’s move to the 21st century and focus on adopting healthy, nurturing habits, rather than boost the profits of ‘low-calorie diet’ companies!

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