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7 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

The dark days are upon us and with it a very common tendency to feel low and for some, even depressed. Let’s face it, January and February can feel endless.

Past January, you may have also realised that the healthy steps you’d started in the first week or two of the year have dwindled down to nothing.  Old habits die hard as they say.

However, this is a good time, right in the winter slump, for making a few slight tweaks to your day to day, which will have a great impact on your energy and boost your morale.

Try these simple steps:

  • Determine what you would like to improve in your wellbeing and very importantly ask yourself why you would like that. Write down your thoughts. Finding your ‘why’ will help you to stick to your plan more easily.
  • Drink half your body weight in water (litres to pounds) daily: sip slowly, room temperature. Just plain water. Limit hot drinks to two a day, including herbal teas. Start the day with a warm pint of water with half a lemon squeezed in on waking. Use a straw to protect your teeth.
  • Consciously deep belly breathe. To boost energy and digestion, while helping you to be more present in the moment.
  • Focus on joy: once a day, do something that gives you joy. This will boost your self-esteem and help you to fill your own cup, especially when you feel depleted, physically and emotionally.
  • Create balance: if you’ve sat all morning, have a more active afternoon, and vice-versa. Or move for 5 minutes every 50 minutes. You can even move your hips in a figure of 8 (every 30 minutes) while watching your favourite TV programme.
  • Eat more colours: look at a chakra image and add foods according to which area of your body you feel needs more support (ie: red berries for root chakra support, kale for heart/emotional support, lemons or pineapple for digestion etc).
  • Get a SAD lamp – Light therapy can work wonders on morale, and help you feel energised and more up to the day.

Don’t attempt to implement everything straight away. Remember: small hinges can open the biggest doors.

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