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7 Tips To Ease Into Meditation

 7 Tips to Ease Into Meditation

Years ago when I was at university I was in awe of a friend who managed to get a Masters degree with honours whilst working full-time in a high responsibility job. Her secret?  She always meditated before studying to switch her mind off work and recharge her batteries.

Meditation has many health benefits – improved focus, sleep, heart rate, energy among many others.  Many also find it essential to help reduce the impact of stress, anxiety and even panic attacks.

With all that being said, many people find it challenging to stop their mind’s chatter or find the time to stop and sit still for even a few minutes a day.


So here are some easy-to-apply tips to get you started on meditation:



  • Guided meditation: Start by listening to guided meditations on youtube or downloading meditation apps on your devices (clear favourites seem to be ‘Calm’ and ‘Headspace’. Find a voice that you like and use headphones.
  • Start small: The thought of 20-30 minutes daily meditation might feel too daunting in the beginning, so start at 5 or 7 minutes then slowly increase when you’re ready.
  • Sit or lie down: There isn’t a ‘right’ way to do it. Whatever feels comfortable for you.
  • Make it consistent. Try and stick to your daily goal – even if only for a few minutes at a time.
  • Meditate in action: You can be in a daydream state or be in the present– even for a couple of minutes – when doing the washing up or listening to music on the train.
  • Be kind to yourself. Don’t get annoyed if thoughts keep coming up.  They will.  Notice them and let them float by like clouds in a sky.
  • Notice: After meditating, write down the thoughts that came up or how you felt during and after. This will make the benefits more obvious to you.

Above all, enjoy re-connecting with yourself, breathing deeply throughout the meditation and stopping the headless chicken dance 🙂

Nathalie 🙂


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