Summer Quinoa Tabouleh

Image of a tabbouleh salad

Summer Quinoa Tabouleh You might not be aware of this fact, but couscous, traditionally used to make tabouleh, is wheat, and therefore contains gluten. This is a lovely tasty alternative – gluten free as well, and filling as quinoa also contains good levels of protein. Enjoy in the summer or any time of year, and […]

All Hail The Love Hormone!

a read heart-shaped intestine image on a white background

All hail the love hormone! In my practice I regularly encounter certain chronic symptoms: bloat, overweight, ‘resistant’ belly fat, low energy, brain fog and hormonal imbalances. The most common denominator in all these conditions is stress:  when your brain perceives a crisis, your adrenal glands produce a stress hormone, cortisol, to help you fight or […]