Stop the Treadmill and Say No!

Happy healthy woman celebrating in nature

Stop The Treadmill and Say No! If you find that your life is going too fast, you’re not enjoying the simple things in your life and it’s all having a negative impact on your gut and health, watch this video. I found myself in Crete not too long ago and found that life was speeding […]

Gut Healing Chicken Bone Broth

Bone broth

Gut Healing Chicken Bone Broth   Bone broth is one of the key ‘tools’ in my box of healing recipes for gut health. Fantastic help with leaky gut, in which case you take 1 cup at each meal.  Can also be used as a bone broth fast, drinking about 350ml x 5 times a day. […]

Fall in Love With Food Again

food is the enemy

Fall in love with food again In my line of work, I very often come across either lack of interest around food at best or complete food fear and avoidance at worst. And they all used to love food. What all gut sufferers seem to have in common, understandably, is the belief that food is […]